Falling Out (Septiplier)

"I just try to be the best I can be, but it's hard when there's a whole other side to the story......"

A Septiplier FanFiction


1. A

"Why is it that no matter how hard I try you always seem to bounce back to me in an instant?" His eyebrows furrowed and a frown filled with annoyance bounced upon his lips while Jack leaned against the locker, his eyes seeping with chaotic amusement and taunting expressions.

"It's because you're too handsome to let go of." Felix rolling his eyes at the stupid Irish, he pinched the bridge of his nose with his index finger and thumb as he gazed up at the Irish man in complete and utter disbelief at how he wasn't taking him seriously.

"I'm being serious."

"So am I!" Jack's tone of voice switching into one of plead, Felix couldn't help but soften his expression and voice to see that Jack's mouth twitched into a frown before reverting into the annoying, half assed smile Felix had never grown to live with or even think about living with. 

There was just something about Jack that made Felix feel, revolting. He didn't judge himself based on how he should be more like Jack, in fact, it was rather the opposite. Felix could be immature from time to time but he rather take things on a serious note and be mature once in a while, Jack doesn't even have the first clue to doing that.

Felix just wanted someone who was better. The only thing that would be hard to find in somebody was the colour of Jack's eyes, as stupid as it was Felix stayed for that reason and probably that reason alone, he loved staring into Jack's eyes and see the colours and emotions that portrayed on such a doll face.

"....Jack...You know I don't like you that way." Jack's face instantly fell from the mask he was trying to pull over Felix's eyes and his heart dropped into the pit of his stomach, he never knew how much such small words can give him such great pain.

Flinching, Jack peeked up at Felix almost like a scolded puppy would or someone who just got yelled at would which made Felix almost feel sorry for Jack. Until he decided to lose his shit and grasp at his hair, tugging it in a sigh as  he stumbled off into the distance going who knows where into the crowded high school they've grown to maneuver around.

But Jack knew exactly where he was going, it was the one place in the world that made him feel safe and secure, something not even Felix could have, or, used to make him feel. Someplace where only he knew as a student, and believed that even the teachers somehow managed to forget about it.

The empty room inside of the school library. 

The library was upstairs and rather filled to the brim with books but with students? Not so much. On a busy day there would be around twenty but only because they had all forgotten to do projects that were worth half of the term and tried to make a lame attempt of doing it on the last day.

Which made it look like crap compared to the people who had their parents do it for them. 

Jack stumbled through the library where basically nobody was, not even the librarian, and stuttered into the empty room that was filled with posters of anime and some mangas and even a bag of chips or two from the last time Jack had come in there.

There were cameras here and there but Jack was pretty sure after looking over the entire room dozens of times that supposed to be made a closet which meant no cameras. True there were the library cameras, but since literally only two people a day go into there they don't even bother to go in at that point.

Sitting himself down on the small little cushion he snagged into the school with his backpack, he sighed as his legs stretched out onto the floor and he was all alone and happy. Like he always was when he was by himself. Closing his eyes in relief, his arms stretched over his head and back to their places.

Jack took out his phone and turned on the camera, turning it towards himself to see if his eyes were okay, a small grin plopped onto his lips to see the white in his eyes were bloodshot and the bright blue eyes seemed to basically pop out compared to the dim colour of the white.

"Guess it took more of a toll than I hoped."

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