One Year Too Short

When one move leads to many others. 16-year-old girl called Milly moves to a new apartment in London and finds herself being swept into the arms of charming Harry Styles. Things get heated and a fling turns to a strong love.


1. The Big Move

The big day had finally come. I was so excited to move, I was finally leaving Cambridge behind. "London, here I come", I shouted as I ran down the stair case towards the front door. Mum started crying as she hugged me on the door step and when mum let go of me dad held me tighter than ever before. Dad released me and I looked at my parents one last time.

Once I was safely in my car, which happened to be a mint green Mini Cooper, I started the engine and pulled out of the drive way and stopped at the end of the street, looking back at my waving parents. It took me roughly 1 hour to get to London from Cambridge, and the drive was made even better with my car roof off. As I drove into the centre city of London I looked up at the old cathedrals and high rise buildings, I must say London was one of the prettiest cities in the world. My penthouse apartment was smack bang in the middle of London and one of the best places to live according to critics. My parents were very rich and they bought me my apartment and all the modern chic furniture in it. 

When I arrived out side the extravagant building one of the Bell Boys opened the large glass double doors for me. I stepped into the large lobby area and breathed in the fresh smell of cinnamon and green apples. The lady working at the receptio desk waved cheerily and greeted me with a large shinng white smile, I could tell I was going to like this place. "Hello, my name is Blair and you must be Milly, it is lovely to meet you" she said in a voice of suger. "Well hello Blair" I said in a distracted voice as i gazed up a the large glass chandelia. "Welcome to London my dear, here is your keys to your appartment, if you lose them we have sparse down here at reception. Now your place in top floor, floor number 32, your room and someone elses is the only one up there so you cant go wrong honey, its the seconde door on the right." I listened intently to her instructions and the said "Thankyou very much Blair, can I head up now please." Blair smiled down at me and nodded. After locating the elevator it stepped into a vacent one and pressed the number 32 on the side of the lift. I felt the flipping of my stomach as I rose higher and higher. The lift was made of all glass so I could see the lobby slipping away from me, but also the London eye came looming into view. When the lift door opened I stepped out into a bright glass hallway and sore the rose gold number 2 on the door on the right and made my way towards it, but suddenly stopped when the door with the number 1 on it slowly opened and a boy with curly brown hair, bright green eyes and a slight smile stepped into the hallway. I froze where I stood and gazed up into that hansome face, "well you must be my new nabour" he said with a slight grin on his face. I nodded and edged towards my door, but the halway was very narrow and the boy had brode sholders and a strongh body. As I tried to get to my door the boy tried to get to the lift but we meet halfway and his hand brushed my bum and he gripped it tightly, he made no obviouse effort to avoid it and grined after. I sliped past him and unlocked my door and bloted inside and slamed the door beinde me.

This was getting way too friendly way to quickley  


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