On Tour: 5SOS Series Book Two

Of course I knew that it was inevitable, seeing as I was part of their opening act, that I would fall for a member of the band. I just really hadn't known that he would fall for me as well.

Cover by zireee


2. New York City Pt. 2

We’re shopping around the city when I get a call from Paulie. Very fortunately, we get a few days off after playing our Madison Square Garden show. We had all decided to kind of do our own things, but still end up in smaller groups of people. I specifically notice that Andrea and Calum always tend to veer off together when we’re allowed to do things and make a mental note to ask her - or him - about that later. I’d thought prior that something was going on between the two of them because she’s always felt the need to bring up the fact that he and I like to hang out with one another.

“Hello?” I answer, speaking into the phone, which is awkwardly placed between my face and shoulder while I search through clothes for, quite coincidentally, Paulie.

“Yo, B, what’s going on?” I smile at hearing Paulie’s voice but frown because I can’t tell him anything right now. Luke is standing roughly two feet to my left, which is much stranger than Andrea and Calum being a thing. Luke and I rarely venture off with one another, but today, he fell into step beside me, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. And, oddly enough, it felt pretty natural to me. I’d so far avoided talking to him at all.

“I’m actually shopping right now. For you. Can I call you back later, P?” I’m really hoping that he’ll understand straight away and that I won’t have to act any weirder, because I can already feel Luke’s eyes on me. And I just know that he’s sporting an amused look because Luke Hemmings loves to see me flustered.

“We always talk when you’re shopping,” he protests, but I say goodbye anyways and hang up.

I’m holding my breath when I hear Luke ask, “Who was that?” My heart practically jumps out of my chest as I look his way. His gaze is intense, as always. It’s almost as though he is fully aware of the fact that he makes me nervous, and he gets a thrill out of doing it.

“Oh, my dad.” I’m lying through my teeth, but honestly not that worried. I’ve always been a seamless liar. Although, when I was little and living with my parents, I used to intentionally badly lie about small things, so that they would think that I’m a terrible liar. That way, when more serious things were involved, I could lie easily and they never thought that I was fibbing. Sure, it seems like I was a devious child, but when things are as horrible as they were in my house, sometimes I had to act a little devilish.

“You call your dad ‘P’?” He asks, chuckling.

I don’t miss a beat, “Family nickname.”

“Uh-huh.” He’s unconvinced, and I’m fully aware of that, due to the slight smirk that lies very snugly on his face. I decide that I won’t amuse him any further and move toward a different area of the store. He follows. 

“Blair,” Liz interrupts this awkward moment between Luke and me. “Why did Paulie just call and say that you’re acting super weird?”

I groan internally. Go figure that he would call her nearly immediately. “Uh, I really don’t know.” I’m still flawlessly lying, but know that Luke undoubtedly knows that I’m hiding something from him now. Not that I care. I don’t owe him any sort of explanation about anything, even if my secrets are concerning him.

“Who’s Paulie?” Luke asks, turning to Liz, but not before smiling directly at me.

She looks confusedly between the two of us, probably still wondering what weirdness had happened between Luke and me last night. Despite many questions when we had returned to our tour bus, I ignored and insisted that nothing had happened at all. 

“Our best friend from home.” Why on Earth does she answer this? I have no idea, but by the way that Luke turns around and winks at me (again!) I know that he’s fully convinced that I am a) crazy, b) a liar, or c) both. Of which I am most definitely b, probably a, and therefore kind of c. Most of all, I’m a hot mess around Luke Hemmings.

“Want to go for a walk?” he asks me, his eyes meeting mine very directly, which makes me feel slightly uncomfortable.

“Uh, you know, I think that I’m good here,” I say, unsure of how exactly to act in a scenario where Luke and I are alone. Here, Luke and I are surrounded by many people and I feel like throwing up. I can’t imagine being around him more privately.

He rolls his eyes. “Just give me five minutes to talk to you.” He’s more serious now than he had been while toying with me just a few moments ago.

I don’t know why, because I most definitely should not be allowing myself to be in this sort of situation, but I leave the store with him. 

He must know that I’m going to give him more than five minutes because he doesn’t speak for roughly a minute when we leave. We walk alongside each other, very quietly. When I look over at him, he’s looking straight ahead, with no discernible emotions on his face. “Like the view, Princess?” he inquires when he notices me intently watching him.

“Isn’t that what you call that other girl?” I ask, not intentionally ignoring his question, but this could lead to a more interesting conversation.

The corners of his mouth lift ever so slightly, “I suppose you’re right. Guess I’ll have to come up with a different pet name for you.”

“Do you give everyone pet names?”

He shakes his head, “No. You’re the second one to get one.” He looks at me straight on, and I’m unsure what’s going on, but I can’t look away from him. “I’ll figure one out for you.”

“What did you want to talk about?” I question, my eyes narrowing toward him with an almost accusatory attitude. Surely he didn’t just want to take a walk with me.

I follow his eyes to Michael and Ashley, who are looking at skateboards. But, as far as I know, neither of them skate. I also, until today, did not realize how comfortable the other members of Unlabeled have gotten with the members of 5SOS. It’s almost as though I’ve missed this whole chapter, and Luke has as well. He immediately turns down a street, and I follow. He very clearly doesn’t want to be seen by the two of them. “No offense to your friends, but Ashley has a big mouth. I did that for your sake.”

“For my sake?” I ask, almost laughing. “I’m always out in the open. About everything.” I don’t mention that Ashley would never talk about seeing us together without talking to me first. Andrea would be the one to do that. 

“Is that why you couldn’t tell your friend what was happening earlier? I am, like, ninety-eight percent sure you didn’t tell him because I was there. And that’s okay.” He sounds like he genuinely means that he finds it okay. 

I want to tell him that my life doesn’t revolve around him, which is true, but I can’t because he is absolutely right about why I wasn’t talking to Paulie earlier. And he knows he’s right, so there’s no point in arguing with him about it.

“What happened last night?” I finally pluck up the courage to ask, since this has been something on my mind for roughly the last fifteen hours. I figure its actually why he wanted to talk to me. He wants to tell me that he was just messing with me, or that I’m confusing things because he really doesn’t like me as I thought in the first place, or something. 

He doesn’t speak for a moment, but by the thoughtful look on his face, I know that it’s because he’s thinking about it and not because he’s just outright ignoring my question. I watch him the whole time, wondering why he still straightens his hair sometimes when it looks really good curly like it is right now.  “I’m not one hundred percent sure. I just know that we’re sort of intense around each other.” I smile, just barely. “What?”

“I don’t really know how to explain it, but it’s almost always like you’re reading my mind.” I express my feelings openly with him. “Like, last night I was thinking about how Ashton never talks with me about the drums no matter how many times I’ve tried because he’s always on the phone, and then you know what you said.” His face is thoughtful, as though he wishes to speak, but he lets me continue. “Also, the word intense is seriously the only word I can use to even begin to describe us.” I motion my arms back and forth between him and myself as I say the word us. “It’s really strange.”

“Well, that really is the only word to describe it.”

I’m not sure what ‘it’ is, but before I can ask, my phone begins to ring. I know that it’s either Ashton or Liz wondering where the hell Luke and I disappeared to, but I just keep my eyes trained on Luke.

“You should answer that,” he says, before putting his hand on my waist to guide me back toward the store.


I used to really think that touring was a fun time all of the time. Seriously. I’ve spent the last month hanging out with my three best friends and become really good friends with a few new people who happen to be very famous. We’ve been in a few different countries, living out our dreams. How many people truly get to do what they almost always dreamed about? Ever since I learned to play the snare drum in the fourth grade, I’ve known that I want to be in a famous band. This past month has made me happier than I’ve ever felt.

And, now, I’m stressed. And confused. And generally annoyed. I’ve always been a stress-eater. Before I ever knew if this band thing would work out for us, I had an education planned for myself. I was one of the top students in my class, and excelled in AP courses, even if I was lazy about homework sometimes. However, I was- and still am- a very heavy procrastinator and perfectionist, two traits that very much do not go well with one another. I still put off writing songs until Liz basically forces me to sit down and write them. 

As for the eating problem, in the three or so weeks before my AP exams senior year, I had gained nearly eight pounds, because all I did was eat. So, it’s really not surprising to me that when I’m searching through the cupboards for something sweet to eat, everyone knows that I’m stressed.

“What’s wrong?” Andrea asks, laughing at me.

“Nothing,” I say, really upset that everyone decides that calling me out should happen in front of the boys. I mean, this is the third time in two days that I’ve been singled out while the entire group is hanging around. This time we’re on our tour bus, mainly because I had tried to distance myself from Luke, which lead to everyone deciding that if I would not come over to the boy’s bus, then they would have to come to ours. I really just wanted to call Paulie and my grandmother.

I think about Piper, wondering why I haven’t heard from her. She usually responds fairly quickly to the pictures I send her, but I still haven’t received anything from her in regards to my text last night. After I sent her the picture of the crowd in New York, I told her we’ll be able to have lunch the day after the Pittsburgh show, and I wonder if something happened because of that text.

 I look over at Luke, who has an amused smile on his face. He knows that he’s my biggest issue currently. I find it more frustrating than anything that I’m letting him get to me. I mean, yeah, he’s attractive and mysterious, but two days ago (hell, two hours ago), I thought that he hated me. It bothers me because I’ve never felt so quickly infatuated with a guy before. I have no idea how to act on these feelings. Moreso, I had always been infatuated with Luke Hemmings. I thought that it was my personal secret, but, now, Luke has been having his own fun with me because he thought that it was obvious.

Andrea also chuckles, sitting quite close to Calum, I notice, “You’ve been eating nonstop since we got back onto the bus. It’s like exam time all over again.”

“Just let her be, Andrea,” Ashton mentions, and I send a grateful smile his way, which he returns. I realize that with whatever that thing was between Ashton and Luke, he’s probably been placed in my situation before. Everyone constantly breathing down your neck. Maybe it was Luke that had it. But, he doesn’t seem the kind to get down under pressure. Ashton is. He was depressed for a really long time, he had revealed to us all earlier in the tour. He and Liz bonded over it, and now they’re almost inseparable. I’m positive that this relationship is completely platonic, seeing as Liz has always been head over heels for a boy from our hometown, and Ashton is almost always on his phone with his girl, or at least, that’s what I’ve assumed.

“I’m just hungry,” I roll my eyes at Andrea. “Being out in the sun all day made me hungry. Plus, it’s the Fourth of July. Great time to eat.” I feel so confused about my general emotions over the last twenty-four hours that I firmly decide that I do not want to talk to anyone anymore today. “I’m actually going to sleep. I have a headache.” I always have a headache.

“Are you taking all of the chips to bed with you?” Calum asks, sending me a wink when I glare at him. I throw the bag of chips on the counter and quickly rush to my bunk before they can all see my red-hot face. I feel myself getting slightly jealous that Calum teams up with Andrea on this topic, especially since he and I have become very fast friends, and he said that I’m the one he considers himself closest to in the band in an interview last week (something that made Andrea not talk to anyone for like three hours - yet they want to pretend there’s nothing there). 

I hear someone come back and I know that it’s Luke Hemmings before I hear him speak, although I sort of wish that it was Calum and that we could talk a bit. “We’re all just messing with you, Queen B.”

“You’re not.” He takes it upon himself to climb into my bunk with me, further proving that whatever game he’s playing at is not for everyone else’s enjoyment. It’s for his own. “Aren’t you worried they’ll know you’re in here with me?” I scoff, alluding to his earlier action of avoiding Ashley and Michael.  This is sort of a façade, however, because I’m thinking about how he just called me Queen B. Queen. As in, a step up from Princess, whoever she is.

“No. They’re all very invested in one another right now. But, I suspect Liz has a strong feeling that I’m in here and not in the bathroom as I said.” Again, he’s staring at me, but I can’t force myself to look toward him.

“The bathroom is on the other side of the bus,” I say, a bit of a snort coming out of my nose.


“What’s going on here, Luke? Why the sudden interest? I always thought you didn’t like me, to be completely honest with you.” I can’t help but ask. I feel lost.

“I never hated you, Blair.” His voice is filled with sincerity, and I know that he’s likely been as confused as I am right now, for a lot longer. “I thought you liked Calum, for the longest time.”

I look at Luke, almost to laugh at him, but barely enough to capture his entire face in my vision before he’s moving toward me. And he’s leaning in. “Blair!” Andrea yells my name and we both jump a bit. Luke hits his head on the top of the bunk and curses. “Hey, Blair I found some aspirin for – oh!” Her face turns red as she looks between the two of us. “Never mind.”

I crawl past Luke and return to the rest of the group, Luke quietly following behind. I grab a bag of chips, ignoring all of the snide remarks from the girls about how weird I’m acting, and take a seat beside Luke, not even saying a word. His arm casually slips behind me, and I don’t think I hear another word anyone says.

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