The Dog That Loved The Dark

Short story about a dog who wants to be free


2. Chapter two

I have been here five days now and every day is the same boring activities. I get woken up with a hell load of barking from the other creatures demanding their food. Shortly after that, my food gets brought in so I eat it to keep me alive. It tastes horrible and I much prefer the scrap food from the city. Then a woman will come in to clean up my faeces which I have planted everywhere as this tends to annoy the people. After she leaves another person, a man this time, comes to try and play with me so I just sit there and let him stroke me. Then he comes in and gets all excited about something called “walkies” so I just sit in the corner because I’m not willing to partake in these “walkies” of his.

Today I decided to be different as I hatched a plan to get out of here. Everything went how it normally did until it was time for these “walkies”. The man came into the cell at the same time as usual and started getting excited about this activity. This time, I pretended to get excited too as I leapt over to him and wagged my tail about. He had a look of relief on his face and he clipped the lead onto this horrible collar they had gave me. He walked through the door waiting for me to join him, before closing the door behind me. We walked out of the main doors together and towards the idyllic space I recognised as a park. We walked through the big iron gates and my plan was going well.

We got to a large open space which I realised I had wondered through once before, meaning I knew my plan would work. If I could jump over that wall, there is a woods a two minute run from here where I can finally be free and live again. Stupidly but thankfully, the man decided to let me off the lead as I ran around happily. He looked down at his phone, and I took this as my chance to run. I ran towards the wall, taking off a metre before it and landing successfully on the other side as I heard “WOLFIE” being shouted from far back. 

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