The Dog That Loved The Dark

Short story about a dog who wants to be free


1. Chapter one

I paced around and around in circles in the small kennel. It was a dull light grey colour, with only a cold basket, small torn blanket and a demolished chew toy in the back right corner. This new life is no better than my old one. At least I actually recognised the people who used to see my everyday in my old life although these people aren’t here now. I used to roam free on the streets of London, getting greeted by familiar faces every day. Those who loved me used to feed me leftovers of their food. It was a great life, until I got dragged here. The day they dragged me here was one of the worst days I can remember of my life and I remember it incredibly well.

I was walking around London as I usually do first thing in the morning after sleeping under a tree all night. I was looking for my breakfast, hoping one of the usual people would walk by, scratch behind my ear then leave something to eat for me. It made me sad when no one came, but it wasn’t the end of the world. I went behind the back of a restaurant to start finding leftovers of the food they had to chuck out. Their meals are big here, so it was rare anyone managed to eat all of it. Not that I’m complaining because that means there is more for me! I found a large piece of chicken and started to eat. Soon after, I saw out of the corner of my eye a large grey object moving towards me. It moved so slowly that I didn’t see it as a possible threat. Boy was I wrong.

A few minutes later, the object had stopped moving and a person climbed out of it. I turned around, hoping it would be someone I knew. They looked nervous and had some sort of uniform on and a pole with a large ring shape on the end. I barked to greet them, but they took it the wrong way.

The next thing I knew I was in a black cage in the back of a loud vehicle. I laid on the floor and covered my eyes, scared of what might come next. The doors swung open and I was being asked to get out, and I was dragged into a room with another lady in uniform who I had never seen before. Not taking any more chances, I instantly growled and showed off all my teeth. She bent down to me, taking the dragging tool from the other person as they walked out the door.

“Hey fella take it easy” she said as she scratched behind my ear. I relaxed as the feeling got better and better and I swayed my tail as fast as I could. She tapped her hand onto a table, so I leapt up there for her. She looked into my eyes, my mouth and felt all around my fur before saying “your definitely a husky type big fella” as she pet my head. “Now we just need to give you a name” she said way too happily.  I looked at her with confusion, wondering what a name is and why I would need to have one. “I think I’ll name you… Wolfie” she said as she started to scratch behind my ear again. 

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