Something sticky happens to Lily Luna Potter during her fifth year, she has a fight with her boyfriend and uses a Time Turner to reverse it, but she went a bit too far back in time, back to the era of The Marauders.
She forgets who she is, and falls in love with someone she knew her father cared deeply about.
Meanwhile, Harry learns of his daughter's disappearance, and decides to look for her.


3. True Dreams

That night, Lily couldn't sleep.

The words she heard repeating in her head


Meanwhile, in the future.

"Ginny, dear calm down" Hermione said.

Ginny was just in complete tears her first daughter was missing and she could do nothing about it. Meanwhile Harry was sitting at the table while James and Albus sat with him.

Then Albus got an idea, the Time Turner could of been cursed, sent her back properly without a time regiment, what is Scorpius used a silent curse when they broke up.

"Albus, your brilliant!" Harry exclaimed.

So the next day they suggested his idea to McGonagall, she said it was brilliant and got the defence against the dark arts teacher to examine it. It tested positive for a curse and the only way to save Lily was to travel back, and then bring her back or um forward. But they would turn back into teenagers and stay that way, unless a magic spell could turn them back.

So that's what they did, Harry, Hermione and Ron all decided to travel back, just like the old days. McGonagall found this brilliant, so they packed a trunk and got ready to repeat Hogwarts.


The Black Manor, The past

"Lily really is from the future, James isn't that cool?" Sirius exclaimed.

James wouldn't answer, he was thinking about not being old enough to see Lily as a baby or pass Hogwarts, but then he flushed his mind and decided it was late, and he needed to see Lily tomorrow.

So they both headed of to sleep.

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