Something sticky happens to Lily Luna Potter during her fifth year, she has a fight with her boyfriend and uses a Time Turner to reverse it, but she went a bit too far back in time, back to the era of The Marauders.
She forgets who she is, and falls in love with someone she knew her father cared deeply about.
Meanwhile, Harry learns of his daughter's disappearance, and decides to look for her.


4. Backwards

Hogwarts, In the future

Hermione, Ron and Harry had all packed, there old uniforms, school items and wands. They out the time turner around all their necks and turned it back, like Lily, the time turner didn't stop, it went back and back, then it stopped, and the time slipped away through their eyes as they got smaller and smaller. And then thud, they saw everything black.


"I need help over here"

"Sorry, let's get them inside, we'll wake Lily, she can help us with this lot"

"Let her sleep, she needs it"

"Ok, 1 2 3 lift"


Harry was the first awake, he woke up on the floor of black manor, Ron lying there to, while Hermione lay on the couch, both of them 14 again. Which means he was 14 too, their trunks where lying on the floor behind them.

"Who are you?" A boy with black hair said.

"Harry, who are, Sirius?!" Harry replied suddenly.

"Right, are you from the future, like Lily?"

"Lily, she's here?"

"Yes, Lily Luna Potter"

"Well, in that case, I'm  Harry James potter"

"Another potter, JAMES, come here"


Harry stood up, but his legs felt like jelly, he needed to get use to being a teenager again. Then a boy with brown hair who looked remarkably like Harry walked in.

"Hi, I'm James" he said.

"Harry, Potter" Harry said taking deep breaths.

"Harry, Lily mentioned that name"

Then Lily walked, stretching her arms, she looked at harry, then ran towards him hugging him tightly.

"Harry, um, Dad" she yelled.

"Lily!" Harry said.

"And Ron, Hermione, there here?"

"Yes, they are"


"no need to explain, but were here, and we need to get back"

"But, I like it here"


Then Hermione woke up, and then Ron, but they got used to being teen again a lot quicker, they gave Lily a hug, and huddled up with Harry.

"James is alive, so is Sirius, this is amazing" Ron and Hermione whispered

Harry didn't reply, but they knew what he was thinking.




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