Loving You (Book 2)

My a ventures into her second year, second book of my Loving You series. After her heart break with Sirius, Mya becomes his friend, and both still reveal there true feelings.


3. First Feast

We got off the train and onto Hogsmede station, there was a carriage waiting for us and it was being pulled by two magnificent beasts, they had a bone-like figure and deep,dark, hypnotic eyes they were grey I have a very very long snout.

"The creature, it's beautiful" I said 

"What creature?" Sirius asked me 
"The one pulling the carriage"

The whole group looked at me as if I was crazy, Lily felt my forehead to see if I was ill.

"Don't you see it?" I asked.
"No, I'm sorry Mya, but there's nothing there" Lily said.

I looked back at the creature, it sniffed around me, it looked straight at me with its dark, hypnotic eyes, like it was smiling.

"Wait, I read about this in a book, mythical beasts and where to find them" Remus said.
"Yes it's a -" I said before being cut off.
"That's cool, but why can't you see it?"
"It can only be seen by those who have seen death, and those who understand it"

Sirius looked at me, so did the rest of the group, with a tell-us look, everyone but Lily.

"My mum, she was tucking me into bed, she collapsed, with blood streaming from her eyes" I replied with a tear in my eye.
"I'm sorry" James saidf
"It's fine"

We got into the carriage, and it lead us straight over the bridge, right a the carriage doors, the it ran back, giving me a hypnotic look.
We walked into the castle, when Peter caught up to us, he trailed us quietly, right into the great hall of craziness, there were paper birds flying around. There were candles floating and the roof was zapping lighting.
We all sat down, and the craziness died away as soon as the first years got in. It took what seemed like forever for the whole year group to be done, but the wait was totally worth it when the food came, it was so happy better than I remembered it, or I just remembered it wrong.
After the meal, we headed up to the common room, the new password was muggle-born, awesome.
I headed to the bed I had last year when I found my owl sitting on one of the posters, she was so happy. I got into bed, with Lily and Molly following into beds next to one another.

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