Peak Hunters

Oslo and MeeMee, two planet explorers are set course for the frozen world of Tenjiin to climb the tallest mountain in the sector, and finally have someone name it. They are not average lifeforms, but are two best friends that will stick together till the end. [24 Hour Competition]


4. Summit

Almost a week had passed since Oslo's incident. The summit was nearing closer and closer. MeeMee had trekked on for many days through the cold, slept and ate where she could and all whilst Oslo was still tucked inside her jacket. Without being able to climb himself, his body could not keep itself warm, making him shiver down to his core. Whether his life could hold on much longer always clung to MeeMee's mind, and so her efforts doubled the higher they climbed. High above the breathing atmosphere, the two were at a high enough altitude that they never took off their oxygen masks. The masks fitted around the entire bottom half of their faces, giving them a constant supply of breathable gas. Pressing onward, MeeMee scaled icy walls and rocky cliff faces, foot by foot, getting nearer to the summit. But at that altitude, the cold was fiercer than it ever was before. Winds blew harsh, the ice was solid as concrete and the snow that fell from the sky blistered their skin like fierce burns. 

"How much farther, Ozzy?" she asked him, running low on breath. 

"About another mile... we're almost there, MeeMee... We're... We're nearly there." he said, talking being a struggle. 

"Hey, Ozzy, you gotta stay with me. We're... a team. This is for... all those times you looked out for me." MeeMee chuckled, still trundling slowly upwards. Oslo merely sniggered at her remark. 

"Consider your debt paid." he replied. As they were having their exhausted conversation, MeeMee saw a sight she never thought she'd see. The peak of the mountain, coming over the horizon of the slope, pointed like an arrowhead. 

"Ozzy! Ozzy look!" she squealed, as Oslo's little, shaking head turned to where she pointed. The summit of the mountain was there. The very top. The tallest point in the entire sector. "We're gonna make it..." she muttered with such elation. She quickened her pace, desperate to claim their victory. 

As she reached more over the horizon, the mountain's tip was only an arm's reach away from her. The blistering cold, the bashing wind and the burning chill of the snow didn't matter to them anymore. As frozen and as covered in snow as they were, they had reached the top through all of the struggles. 

"We did it, Ozzy. Look! LOOK! WE ACTUALLY DID IT!" she cheered, slumping to her knees in exhaustion and disbelief. Oslo smiled under his mask as he looked at the small, pointed rock that sat in front of him. Something that would be so meaningless at the bottom of the mountain. MeeMee held out her hand to touch the very point at which for billions upon billions of miles, there was nothing taller from where they were. She sniggered with an exhale of laughter when she touched it, and looked down at her quivering friend below her chin. "Here... Ozzy. Do you wanna touch it?" she asked him with a whisper, replying with a faint nod. Slipping him out of his tiny, curled ball of warmth and holding him in her arms, Oslo's tiny paw placed itself ever so gently on the tip of the rock. 

"It's so much... smoother than I imagined." he chuckled. 

"It is, isn't it?" she laughed back with him, bringing him back to her and lightly tucking him in her coat. "Well... what are we going to call it?" 
Oslo looked back up at her with his big solemn eyes. 

"You name it. You're the one who's carried me all the way up here." he requested, still smiling. MeeMee took a moment's pause. Not once had she done anything in her life without Oslo telling her what to do. Every new planet they discovered, he had told her what needed to be done. Every voyage across open space, he was the one giving the orders on the ship. And every disaster that had happened to them, he always sort to get them out. She thought to herself that maybe she shouldn't stop here. Maybe she should do as he said this time as well.

"Oslo. Mount Oslo." she grinned. "Whilst I carried you all the way up here, I wouldn't have even made it to this planet if it wasn't for you." Oslo smiled back up at her. 

"That's... very kind of you, MeeMee. To be frank, you owe me nothing for saving my life." MeeMee couldn't get the smirk off of her face, filled with pride and a sense of goodwill in her heart. She reached for her bag and placed it on the snowy ground. Scrambling through it, she looked for the one thing that was important at this point, but it was nowhere to be found.

"Oh no!... No! No! No!" she panicked. "Ozzy... I think I may have forgotten our flag..." she sighed, feeling defeated and like a failure once more. Oslo chuckled with a wheeze and mumbled,

"No, you didn't. It's in the front compartment." 
She looked through it and there it was. The flag that they had both created for this one moment. It was blue and white, with a ferret's tail and a purple feather crossed together in the middle. She took its pole and rammed it into the snow. Their trial of minds, bodies and friendship had been tested, and they prevailed.

"Shall we head back up to the ship then, Ozzy ol' pal?" she questioned, but Oslo shook his head. 

"Not yet. Put the wolf pendant that that human gave us in front of the flag. I have a hunch that's the reason I am still with you." 
MeeMee nodded, and took the pendant from out of her pocket, and leant it on the flag pole. 

"Now... let's go home." MeeMee exclaimed, pressing a few small buttons on a device wrapped around her wrist, and the two of them Beamed back to the ship in a flash of red light.

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