Peak Hunters

Oslo and MeeMee, two planet explorers are set course for the frozen world of Tenjiin to climb the tallest mountain in the sector, and finally have someone name it. They are not average lifeforms, but are two best friends that will stick together till the end. [24 Hour Competition]


2. Friendly Locals

The two reappeared on the freezing cold world, in the center of a gaping valley. The planet's sun shone in the sky, yet still, the air felt cold to the bone. The snow was puffy and soft, like walking on a chilling mattress that glistened white in the sun's rays. 

"Wow... this place is so... deserted." MeeMee exclaimed, looking around in amazement. "And hey, at least our teleporter put us in the right spot. There's the mountain!" she pointed with thrill at a huge, natural pyramid, reaching above all of the other peaks that surrounded it. 

"Wait. There could be many mountains on this planet that are just as tall as that, and this could be the wrong one." Oslo said with caution. MeeMee mumbled with a grumpy tone, raising an eyebrow at her companion on her shoulder.

"Well then, how are we supposed to know if this is the right mountain then?!" As the two chatted amongst each other, there came a deep, echoing and bestial groan coming from the other side of the valley. They turned to see a convoy of tall animals, walking gently in a perfect line with one another. 

"That's how." Oslo smiled, but MeeMee was still skeptical. 

"Ozzy, that's just a herd of herbivores. That won't tell us-" 

"Look closer." Oslo ordered, and as MeeMee looked harder at the creatures, she could see a strange species riding on them. 

"We're gonna stop and ask for directions?" 

"Precisely." Oslo leaped off of her shoulder and dived into the thick snow. With each bound, he was like a dolphin jumping out of the water and pressed with haste. 

"Hey, wait!" MeeMee ushered, running after him. 

The two of them were nearing the convoy. The tall animals were long-necked, pure white giraffes. Much like the ones found on earth, but had much thicker fur and were holstered with bags and equipment. The species who sat upon their backs were none other than,

"Humans." MeeMee said down to Oslo. 

"Correct. Remember, humans speak a weird language to our tongue, so-" 

"Bah! I can speak perfect Human! They only speak two words per sentence." she chuckled, marching up to them with confidence as Oslo had a look of worry upon his face. She held up her hand in greeting and called out "Hello friends!" The humans soon then broke their line and galloped up to her. As they grew closer, they drew their crude spears, pointing them down to her, scowling and snarling at her. She was not deterred with her same arrogant smirk on her face. "No harm. Me friend. Ferret friend. No hurt." The humans looked confused as they turned to one another. One of them asked to her, 

"Why talk funny?..." and MeeMee too looked just as bewildered as they did.

"We... umm.... Ferret and I... No, wait... Was it... two perrrrr-" 
Soon Oslo came crawling up on her shoulder to interrupt her ramblings. 

"Do not listen. She not bright." 
The humans raised their spears back. "Who are you?" another asked. Before answering, Oslo whispered in MeeMee's ear. 

"They speak three words per sentence, dumb-dumb." 
MeeMee's cheeks went rose red and she kept her mouth shut whilst they conveyed. "We are explorers. Come to climb. Climb tallest Mountain. Could you direct?" 

"Climbing the mountain? The Unnamed Mountain?" another questioned. 

"Yes, Unnamed Mountain. We name it." 
The humans looked at one another, worried and concerned. 

"Warning, poor fools. No one succeeded. Many have tried." 

"We are skilled. We have experience. We will prevail." Oslo flaunted, raising his chin up high in determination, but MeeMee was looking more and more scared.

"We shall see." The humans murmured as they sheathed their spears, and started to move along again. However one stayed behind. 

"Do not tell. Here, take this." he reached down to them and handed over a pendant of a carved wolf's head. "Bring you luck. Mountain is there." he asserted, pointing to the same mountain that towered above the clouds. "Good fortune, Explorers." and he spurred on his giraffe to catch up with the other humans that went on ahead. Watching the humans move onward, Oslo and MeeMee looked down at the pendant in wonder. The metal shone with gloss in the sunlight, and a feeling of doubt was starting to consume them.

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