Peak Hunters

Oslo and MeeMee, two planet explorers are set course for the frozen world of Tenjiin to climb the tallest mountain in the sector, and finally have someone name it. They are not average lifeforms, but are two best friends that will stick together till the end. [24 Hour Competition]


3. Ascent

The two sat on a ledge, overlooking the entire valley. They had already started their ascent to fame, and the easiest part of the climb was behind them. 

"How far are we up the mountain?" MeeMee asked, looking down as Oslo who was chewing a food pill. 

"About a quarter of the way up." he muffled with his mouth full. 

"Uggghhhh! We've been doing this for a whole daaaay!" she whined like a child. 

"It was never gonna be easy." Oslo snarled back, swallowing. "Come on, don't be a lazy bones. We just have to get up these ice cliffs, and then we'll call it a day." The cliffs above them were as sheer as walls on a house, fully comprised of ice with no sign of rock. MeeMee looked up at them and only complained further. 

"Uggghh..." she grunted, pulling out her climbing pickaxes along with Oslo. But they had to get to a suitable ice wall; too hard and their pickaxes wouldn't dig in, or too soft and the ice would crack and fall with their weight. They scooted along the thin ledge, with MeeMee leading. 

"Remember, just don't look down." Oslo exclaimed, the nerves in his voice vibrating. MeeMee dared to have a glance and several hundred feet worth of mountain met her eyes going straight down. The foggy wind made it difficult to even see the bottom, and they still weren't that far up the mountain. MeeMee gulped and kept patting the icy cliff to find suitable ice, and one pat sounded perfect. 

"I think I got some good ice here." she stated, still patting it to make sure. 

"Have a go then. See if you can climb it suitably. If it can take your weight, it'll certainly take mine." 
MeeMee glared down at him as she growled, 

"Are you saying I'm overweight?!" 

"No! You weigh about seventy times more than me because I'm a FERRET! Now come on, let's get climbing!" he hissed back, and MeeMee shook her head. She started to scale the ice cliff, slamming her picks into the wall and scraping her boots to check it's grip. 

"Okaaay. I think the ice is good." she called with one arm and one leg after the other.

"Lovely." Oslo smiled, digging in his little pickaxes and making his way up the cliff face. 

"Do you know how much of these ice walls we have to climb?!" MeeMee yelled over the sound of the wind. 

"Till we get to flatter surfaces!" he replied back.

The cliff was not high at all, and they reached the top quickly onto another, thicker ledge. But it only lead to a dead end. The walls around them were solid, flat rock.

"Great..." MeeMee moaned. "Now where do we go? We have to go back down and go another route." 

"There is no down. We have to keep going." 

"Where, Ozzy?! There's nowhere suitable to climb!" 
Oslo looked around, and it seemed she was right. There was nowhere else to climb. Except...

"MeeMee, do you see that ridge there?" Oslo pointed. Another ledge was to their right, but a long drop fell between them. "We need to jump across and put our picks in at the right time." 

"JUMP?! Are you out of your mind?! We'll plummet to the very bottom of the mountain!" 

"It's not my first choice either! We do it, or we Beam back up to the ship and start all over again!" he argued and MeeMee looked more and more terrified. "Mee, you can do it. We've gotten out of worse situations. I know you can, just know that it'll be fine. I'm right behind you." he supported, taking a large breath inward.

"Okay..." she whispered, still with hefty breaths. After he had leapt off of her shoulder, she took a few steps back and glared at her target. She only had to make one leap of faith. She ran with full force and with the mightiest leap she could muster she bounded off of the ridge and into the nothingness of the air. Her heart pounded against her chest and her legs hung in open space for what seemed several minutes. Yet eventually, MeeMee felt her feet hit solid rock. She was on the ledge. "Oslo! Oslo I DID IT!" she yelled back at him, great relief and excitement running through her. 

"See, I knew you could do it!" he replied with a smile. He too took deep breaths at his turn. "Here goes..." he whispered to himself, and he sprinted as fast as his stumpy tiny legs could take him. He jumped from the ledge at maximum strength and readied to land with heavy footing. However, his jump fell short. His teeny claws scrambled on the ridge to find some kind of grip.

"OZZY!" MeeMee screamed, diving front first to grab him. Oslo slipped just out of her grasp and he began the long fall to the bottom of the mountain. Reactions kicked in and he managed to grab one pickaxe from behind himself and drove it so deep into the ice, it cracked and ground the petrified ferret to a near halt at the bottom of the ledge, his back feet hanging in the icy wind.

"MeeMee! I can't- I can't get my legs up!" he howled. "MeeMee!" he cried out to her, holding onto his pickaxe with both paws as tightly as he could as the ice began to give way. 
MeeMee stretched out her arm to him, reaching as far as she could.

"Take my hand!" she demanded. 

"I can't! I think my shoulders are dislocated!" 
MeeMee then took her anguish to a new height. She let herself drop from the ledge to reach for Oslo, digging one of her pickaxes into the ice and was just above Oslo's level. Adrenaline was cascading through her blood, taking the terrified little ferret in one hand and stuffing him in the front of her jacket and leaving his head peaking out. In zealous willpower, she climbed up the short ice wall and was determined to get her only friend to safety. As she clambered back up to the safety of the ridge, the pickaxes dropped out of her hands. Yanking him out of her jacket and with a gentle squeeze, she hugged him in her arms as tears ran down her cheeks. Oslo snuggled into her thick coat, panting in terror. "Thank you..." 

"Don't scare me like that ever again." she whimpered, muffled by the thickness of the fluff in her coat.

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