All kinds of wrong


1. Parentless

My name is Grace Lauren I'm 14 and I have a brother called Steve who is my older brother aged 16. There's something you need to now about us were orphans, Mrs Bridgestone she is the evil orphan keeper she punishes people by putting them in a cupboard filled with cobwebs which is scary and there's no lights !!! But she is only nice when people come to foster or adopt then she is amazing we have sweets in front of us there caramel tasty sweet caramel. I love it When they come we get treated equally and fairly but till next week I'm treated like some poo on the bottom of someone's shoe.

Me and my brother went into care about a year ago it was Monday my mum and dad were still alive we were at home this is what happened. Mum: Oh shit... I forgot about the chicken. Dad: I'll go with you kids stay here keep safe the oven was engulfed with smoke and flames quickly enough the celling did to my mum stood to scared to speak to scared to move my dad came out grabbing me and my brother as he said. Dad: at least we're all save right Marie ..(as he turned around he new mum was still in there he ran back in quicker than anything I've seen before as he shouts )Marie ....get out its not safe. As the smoke winds her like you've been hit in the stomach with a dad crabbed her dragging her by her arms as she clearly could walk herself but they were to slow the flames trying to end like it was some sort of finish line the flames came next waves and so did the explosion they Made my parents made it out alive I can recall what happens next but it's to sad to say but her goes as they had one more step to take the exploration caught up with them as the room collapsed and so did my parents my parents in pain cry out for help but none came none was there except me and my brother the hole house tumbled down half of my parents were out there head to waste popped out in the blazing sun and there legs trapped between the floor and the celling.

My brother holding me back but he wasn't strong enough I ran to them I wanted to help but I couldn't then the ambulance and the fire brigade came no idea who called them didn't matter I just wanted my parents alive. But my dad was drifting in and out of reality thinking he would be fine but we new he wouldn't my mum,my mum was died we thought she didn't move a muscle until she spat and coughed up blood as the ambulance arrives I scrambled bits of rubble in order to save my parents but I new it wasn't good enough is last them my mum flatline and my dad well he got out thanks to the ambulance but he died because he killed himself to be with mum the pills surrounded him as a nurse came in and found him died from overdosing I come storming in and collapsed on the floor and weeped for the last of my parents.

I didn't have any more relatives left apart from an uncle who lived in Antarctica. He was trying to walk all the way to the other end in just 6 years. 9 years have gone but we still get postcards but not at the orphanage Mrs Bridgestone burns them all but I'm sure I never get any anyway

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