Menzella is an angle, Very friendly and popular with the people around her. She goes to earth often to help her human. One day she is sent on a mission to "Get rid" of another angle. But it's not any angle, it's a demon. Menzella and the other angle become friends. But you cannot keep secrets from heaven and hell. (Fanfiction from Ipadover999, assasination academy.)


1. Heaven


  Menzella soared through the air, wind in her hair, her white wings flapping up and down. She loved it, she looked down and saw humans playing happily in a playground below. She smiled and kept flying, she stopped when she found who she was looking for, it was her human, Thursday. 


Menzella flew down and her feet touched the ground, people couldn't see angles, only ones with big imaginations could sense angles, like small children for example. Thursday was eating a doughnut she had bought from a bakery a few stores down. Menzella walked behind Thursday, making sure she was okay. Menzella followed Thursday until she got home, Thursday went inside her house and Menzella sighed happily. 

Thursday got home safely, but you never know what can happen when your guardian angle leaves. Menzella waited a few more minuets before deciding it was okay to go back to Headquarters. 


Menzella walked in through the gates of heaven, waving at the other angles that passed. Menzella folded her wings and knocked on a big door, which opened a few seconds prior. 

"Menzella, glad you're here, God needs you." 

Menzella nodded her head, "I'll be there in a moment, I just need to put a few things away in my quarters!" Menzella walked over to a door and opened it, the sound of people chattering filled the room. She quickly hurried to her cubical and stepped inside. She sat down in her chair and pulled out a journal from her desk, in it she wrote

Date- Feb-1-2034

Thursday has been doing well, she made it home safely today. Bet I scared those teenagers! They haven't shown up in almost two weeks. I'll keep a look out for them. In case they comeback, though I don't think we'll see them ever again!! Thank you for listening to me. Bye diary(even though you're supposed to be a journal oops.)


Menzella set down her journal, or well, diary as she liked to call it. She got up from her seat and walked to the elevators, the door closed. Menzella opened her wings and let the scanner scan her. A green bulb lit up alove the elevator entrance next to a red bulb that was unlit. She folded her wings and waited. 


The elevator started moving up until it came to a stop, opening.  Menzella stepped out and walked to the big doors in front of the elevator, Menzella glanced at the two angles next to the door, one on the left the other on the right. One of the angles opened the door, letting Menzella inside. 


The room was bright which made Menzella close her eyes. Menzella looked up, her eyes still closed, "Yes God? Is there something you need?" she asked. 


God replied bluntly, "There is a demon from hell  sent up to create chaos. You are the angle on task, never a rule breaker, and you do as told, your work in on time, one of my best angles I must say. I you're ready to handle demons. Tomorrow I need you to find this demon and eliminate them. Understood?" 


Menzella nodded, "Yes Mis- er- God!" Menzella quickly corrected herself. She was just so exited. She was going to see a demon! Not that it was a good thing. Menzella bowed and walked over to the doors, leaving the room and entering the elevator. She opened her wings and let the scanner do its work. It turned green and headed down.


Menzella left the elevator and ran to her cubical, she grabbed her diary and a pen, 

Date- Feb- 1- 2034

God just asked me to be on my first mission!! This is great! It'll be so cool! I get to see an actual demon, not that it's a good thing, but maybe.. just maybe, I can turn them good. Hopefully. 


I should do my paperwork. Who knew being angle would include paperwork? Well, it is the twenty-first sen.. what's that word again..? Oh well! 


Thank you trees for letting me write on you! Bye-Bye!!


Menzella set the journal down on the table and sighed lightly glancing at the paperwork scattered across her desk. Menzella reached in and grabbed a random paper on to her left. She looked down at it, one of her jobs was to figure out if someone should die and if so, how?


Brandon Jenson. 

Age- 17

Hobbies- Video games, Using the internet, Fighting. 

Story- Parents divorced. Lives with his mother. 


Menzella pondered for a moment until she reached for a stamp with green ink. She picked it up and smashed it on the paper next to his name. The paper stuck to the stamp until Menzella pulled the stamp father away.  In green ink next to his name was Heaven


Menzella glanced up at the clock. Almost time to clock out. Menzella grabbed another paper, and another, and another, using the green stamp on them all. 

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