Menzella is an angle, Very friendly and popular with the people around her. She goes to earth often to help her human. One day she is sent on a mission to "Get rid" of another angle. But it's not any angle, it's a demon. Menzella and the other angle become friends. But you cannot keep secrets from heaven and hell. (Fanfiction from Ipadover999, assasination academy.)


2. Hale

 Hale's wings flapped up and down as she flew, she closed her eyes and sighed lightly. She opened them and looked down, people underneath her seemed like ants. She flew closer, she should see people's faces clearly now. People passed her, as they could not see her. Hale looked among the crowd of people, searching for an unsuspecting person. 


"See you later guys!" a girl with amber hair said to her friends before turning around and waling away. Hale smirked, This will be my third, Hale thought. Hale followed the girl, the sun started the lower, now the sky a mixture of pink and orange. 


  A few people were in the streets as they were downtown, the girl no walked warily down the street, being careful not to walk near people, but also not far enough to show she was afraid. Suddenly as they passed an ally a man appeared, walking a bit away from the girl. Hale recognized the look on the girl's face, worry, fear, panic.  


The girl's steps became faster. So did the man's. Hale followed them both, the girl turned a corner, an ally. The man turned as well. Knowing very well this was a dead end as he smirked. Hale's face turned sower. 

"U-um.." The girl managed to escape from her lips. This made the man smirk more, "Do yo want money? Here. Take it." the girl reached into her pocket and took out at least fifteen dollars. The man shook his head, "Money" he said "is not want I want." 


The girl immediately turned around and ran, jumping onto the face keeping both sides of the ally separate. The man ran after her,before Hale could even lift her finger, the ripped her down. The girl yelped, as did Hale. The girl punched the man in the face rather hard. Not as weak as I thought. Hale looked at the sky, It's getting very late.. Hale sighed. Hale's shoulders shook, she looked away, her job was to create chaos, not watch it. And she did not like watching it. 


Hale wished she could do something But she could do nothing. "Help!" The girl pleaded as the man restrained her, "somebody! Please!" She screamed as the man's hands climbed up her shirt. Hale closed her eyes, terrible memories flooding her brain. Until the sound of wings broke her out of her trance. 


The first thing Hale saw were white wings, white bright wings. An angle. Hale's eyes winded in surprise. The angle was too busy dealing with the scene out-folding in front of them.  Hale took this too fly away, but a few seconds later, when she was flying in the air, she was suddenly falling down, a body on top of her. With white wings. 




I smiled happily as I saw my human walking on the sidewalk. She had just bought a toy for her little sister, Baby, as Thursday calls her. 


After a few minutes of calm walking, Thursday arrived at her house. Menzella left her alone, knowing she was safe for the night, the sky started to grow into beautiful colors, pink and orange. Menzella  always loved the evening. And even more, night. 


I'll go for a quick stroll before I go back to quarters. Menzella thought as she opened her wings and flew into the sky. She smiled to herself as the wind hit her face, A piece of her blonde hair was always in her face though Menzella didn't care. Actually, she felt as though she looked strange without her lock in her face, plain even. 


Menzella flew downtown, she didn't know why but she felt as though she had to go there. Mezenlla stepped on the ground, folding her wings halfway. It was quiet.. "Help!" Menzella heard a street or two down, "somebody! Please!" 


Menzella's eyes winded and her wings flew open, flapping hard as she flew towards the pleading voice. 


Menzella turned the corner, an ally, of course. Menzella thought. Her wings flapping hard, She flew towards the man, grabbing his shirt and pulling him back and throwing him to the fence. He hit the fence and hitting the ground hard. Menzella looked at the poor person, a girl no older than fourteen. 


The girl turned around to find her savor, but only found air, the girl's face turned from fear to curiosity. "W..what..?" The girl wispered. Menzella glanced at the man, unconscious. Menzella sighed before turning back to the girl, Menzella glowed slightly.  To the girl a figure with wings flew in the air, the girl started at Menzella, "An.. angle..?" She wispered. The man groaned, regaining consciousness. The girl gasped before getting up and running away. 


Menzella glared at the man before looking up to fly off. Menzella noticed something, a figure.. with wings! Red wings.. Before Menzella knew what she was doing, her wings opened and she flew towards the demon. 


I had an assignment.. to get rid off the demon.. Menzella's face grew pale, she did'n't realize she was flying right above the demon until she stopped flying and she fell, bringing the demon with her. 


Menzella moved her hair out of her face so she could see. They both were falling, fast. Menzella opened her wings slowly, "We're going to hit the ground!" The demon yelled. It couldn't open its wings, somehow when the angle fell on Hale, her wing was bented, keeping her from flying better.  Menzella had closed them shut. 


Menzella wrapped her arms around the demon, and before they could splatter onto the hard road, Menzella flapped her wings hard and they flew. Menzella flew to a cliff a bit away from the city. 


Menzlla landed safely on the ground, she slowly unwrapped her arms from the demon. Once Menzella's arms were loose enough the demon pushed them away and spread its wings, jumping into the air. Menzella's hand shot up, she used her powers to grab the demon's wings even though it was out of reach. 


"Let me go!" It yelled. Female. Menzella brought the demon closer "Did you do that do the girl?!" Menzella screamed. Hale looked away. 


"Did you?!" Menzella screamed again, "Did you?!"


"NO!" Hale yelled, "I didn't hurt that girl! I followed her, that's all.." Hale said. The grip on Hale was loosened, not enough for her to get out, but enough for her to breathe better and to not feel cramped. 


"okay.." Menzella whispered. letting go of Hale all together. Hale flew in-front of the angle. 


"I'm.. I'm Hale." Hale whispered, looking at the ocean. Menzella stared at the red-winged "human." 


"Why did you tell me your name?" Menzella asked. Hale shrugged, moving her black wavy hair out of her face, "I just felt I should.."


"I'm Menzella. I see. you're a .."-cough-" demon.."  Hale nodded her head, the sun was setting. "You have white wings.. meaning you're an.. "


"Angle." Menzella finished, seeing how uncomfortable she was saying 'angles.' It was silent for a few moments before Hale spoke. "Why did you let me go? You could've killed me then and there. I mean, you're an angle, I'm a demon. I'm bad you're good. Finish me. Besides, my wing is damaged by the fall." Hale mumbled the last part. 


"I'm so sorry!" Menzella said, moving closer to the demon and touching her wing. "what are you--" she was silence by the part where Menzella's hand started to glow. 


Menzella moved her hand away. Hale flapped her wing and it was fine. Hale stared at Menzella with amazement. Menzella blushed slightly, "It's a power us angles have. You don't?" Menzella asked. Hale shook her head "But we can break someone's bones with just the flick of our hand!" Hale said happily. 


Menzella cringed but shook the feel off, "Anything else you can do?" she asked. Hale thought for a moment, "We can tell who lies. You have to be an extremly good liar to get away with lying to a demon, I don't mean to brag, but I am an amazing liar." 


"That will come in handy, us angles don't have that. We always tell the truth." Menzella laughed lightly. Hale blushed, "Hey, maybe you can tell me what other powers angles have." 


"Hey! That's a great idea! Tomorrow?" Menzella asked. Hale nodded, "Tomorrow. I'll see you later angle." 


"Good-bye! I promise I wont tell anyone!" Menzella said, flapping her wings and starting off the ground. She waved good-bye and the two winged creatures flew in different directions. 


I just made friends with my one of my rivals. Who was my enemy for more than a thousand years.. 


This girl really trusts people, I don't sense a single ounce of lying. Hale flapped her wings 

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