I Need You | Luke Hemmings Fan Fiction

"I found myself waking up, his arms wrapped around me, my head nuzzling into his chest."

My summer started as absolute shit. Until I met Luke Hemmings.


5. Rough times


Soon after, she fell asleep in my arms and I gently laid her down on her bed. I kissed her forehead and tried to sleep on her chair. Before I knew it, the sun was out.


I woke up and saw that Lily was still laying there asleep. I could hear her mumble a few words, and tears started to drip. "Hey, hey. Lily, wake up." I shook her gently. She sniffled "Luke? You stayed,?" Her eyes coated with tears that have not yet fallen. "I couldn't leave, plus, I'm glad I stayed." I smirked, thinking that what I just said sounded cheesy.


Hello there! Only 5 chapters for now, i will work on adding more! Have a great day! Xx


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