I Need You | Luke Hemmings Fan Fiction

"I found myself waking up, his arms wrapped around me, my head nuzzling into his chest."

My summer started as absolute shit. Until I met Luke Hemmings.


2. Loving can hurt


My boyfriend Joseph took me to a last day of school party. I'm not the type to socially communicate to other humans or come to parties, but Joseph had this way of persuading me.

As soon as we went inside, I found an empty spot on the couch to sit. It was next to a blonde haired teenager with blue eyes and a lip ring.

"Can I sit?" I asked the blonde guy, forcing a smile. "Sure." He said, biting his lip ring which was pretty dang hot.

"My name's Luke," he said holding out his hand, "Lily" i said, while shaking his hand. It felt awkward sitting there, trying not to stare.

I quickly glanced at him as another teenage boy with brown hair and dark eyes came up to Luke and said "you ready to leave? Michael's drunk."

He nodded and smiled, showing his dimples. I bit my lip to stop myself from smiling.

I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder. It was Luke. "Um hey, I'm leaving, can I get your number? Maybe we can talk sometime" he said, and his smile I couldn't help but stare. I shook out of my daydream and we exchanged numbers.

Awhile after Luke and his friends left, I was sitting at the party alone for a while. I went to search for Joseph,and as I entered another lounge area, I was fucking disgusted. Kate Mason and my boyfriend were making out.

"YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE" I sobbed as I ran home crying. My mom was passed out drunk on the couch, a rusty flask in her hand. I ran to my room and slid on the ground,leaning on my bed. I curled up and called Luke.

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