I Need You | Luke Hemmings Fan Fiction

"I found myself waking up, his arms wrapped around me, my head nuzzling into his chest."

My summer started as absolute shit. Until I met Luke Hemmings.


6. Here for you




A while after I woke, I decided to take a shower. After my cold shower, I dried off. I sighed. "LUKE" I called from the bathroom, "CAN YOU BRING ME A PAIR OF CLOTHES?"


"Yeah..yeah." He replied really nervously . There was a sudden knock at the door, "here, I have your clothes" I opened the door, with the towel wrapped around me. "You're such a sweetheart, love." I said smiling.

After I got ready for the day, I sat down with Luke on the bed.




She sat beside me and man, she looked beautiful. There was a silence as I stared at her, not being able to look away. She chuckled when she noticed me almost starting to drool. I blushed, and I mumbled "oh my gosh that did not happen." under my breath.

Thankfully Calum texted me breaking up the awkward moment.

Calum: Where're you mate,? Not at home, that's for sure.

Luke: I'm at a friend's, I'll be there soon, yeah?

Calum: Yeah, I guess me Ash and Mikey are gonna sit on your driveway? ;)

Luke: Goddammit Cal, there's a key under the mat at the door.

"Hey Lily,?" I asked staring at her once again. "Yeah Luke?" She said with her cheesy smile. "Do you.. Uh.. Maybe want to go to my place? I could introduce you to my friends," I asked. Dammit Luke, your fucking stupid, I said to myself. "Yeah I'd love to." She then says biting her lip.

"I'll should put makeup on, I like to make good first impressions." She winked. I grabbed her arm gently. "No Lily, you don't need makeup, you already look absolutely gorgeous without." She ran into my arms giving me a hug, "Thank you Luke," we were hugging, my arms tightly wrapped around her waist for a while until footsteps came.

And a deep voice said "I came to apologize, Lily, for cheating on you, but looks like I don't need to. Like girlfriend,like boyfriend, huh?" "Who do you think you fucking are? Coming into my house to insult me,! And that's ex girlfriend to you Joseph." She quickly defended herself. "Oh, well aren't you a little slutty ass bitch?" Joseph said walking slowly towards her.

"Hey! Don't talk to her like that!" I said pulling her behind me as I feel her arm tremble. "Don't even bother with her man, she's just gonna bring you down to hell with her." He scoffed. "This girl is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, so why don't you go fuck yourself." I stood up to him. "Please Luke, let it go." She said with her fragile voice.



Luke was holding my hand, gripping it as he filled with anger. It was all just so sudden. "Please Luke, let it go" I said. Next thing I knew, Luke let go of my hand and ended up on the ground. Joseph was fucking beating him up! "YOU LITTLE BITCH!!" I screamed holding back my tears. I tried with all my power to stop him. "STOP!!" I said with my voice cracking. Once he finally stopped, I said "GET OUT JOSEPH! JUST GET THE FUCK OUT AND NEVER TOUCH ME OR HIM AGAIN" he quickly backed away and I heard the front door slam.

"Oh my gosh, Luke? Luke! Please.. please." He was laying on the ground coughing. I ran to him and sobbed into his chest. "Shh baby girl, I'm alright,shh." He softly said as I helped him up and he kissed my forehead holding me close to him, I can feel his warm breath on my head.

I went to get Advil for him. I handed him the tablet and a glass of water.

We were in my bedroom, sitting on the desk. I grabbed a damp towel and cleaned him up. "Alright Luke, all done" i said with a grin on my face. 


QUIICK AUTHORS NOTE! I swear I wrote more on my ipad! when i found out it got deleted, i was like " fml" lol hope youve had a great day fam! xx


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