Summer School

Bree was a shy girl, that had trouble in school. She always felt like teachers hated her and treated her differently. Bree has been bullied her whole life. When the end of the school year comes she realizes she has to go to summer school. Then when summer school starts, she's in the same class as Michael, one of the guys that messes with her. Who knows what can happen this summer...


13. The rest of the break



       After last night Michael and I were both exhausted. When I woke up he was still sleeping so I got up to go to the bathroom. Today we were going to go to the amusement park that was by the water park. I decided to wear jean shorts with the hoodie Michael gave me with some black converse. Once I got all my clothes ready for the day I realized I was still wearing Michaels shirt from last night. I look at him and he's still sleeping. I go and lay down next to him and start kissing his chest, then he started to wake up. As I was kissing him he started to smile than he rolled over on me. Michael was on top of me at this point. "MICHAEL GET OFF ME YOUR CRUSHING MY HIPS!!!!" He was laughing as he rolled off. He was sitting on my hip dermals when he was on top of me and it killed. I walked up to the mirror to check if they were bleeding and one of them was. I grabbed my  rubbing alcohol and cleaned them off. Michael felt bad after he realized he made them bleed. After I cleaned them the guys came up to our room to deliver us a lovey breakfast from McDonalds. they got us breakfast burritos and hash browns. After I was done Calum grabbed my trash from me and went to throw it out when he saw the condom from last night  in the garbage. He then said, " Michael, did you two have fun last night?" I just started laughing because they all know Michael and I have fucked.


    Later on we all got showered up and went to the amusement park. Michael and I rode all the rides together then towards the end of the night I went and rode with Ashton while Michael, Luke, and Cal went to play a few games. While Ashton and I were in line, there were a few fans asking for pictures. I took the pictures for them. And then the girls asked for pictures with me. I was so shocked I thought most of the fans hated me. After we took the pictures it was time for us to get on the ride. When he got off, we bought the picture of us from the ride because it was hilarious. As we walked back to where the rest of the guys were, I see Michael holding a giant stuffed  pink gorilla  and a few other stuffed animals. I ran up to him and he gave me all the stuffed animals and asked, "Am I a good boyfriend yet?" I look at him and kiss him and tell him he's the best.

 We get back to the hotel and I needed the guys help to carry all my stuffed animals. Once we get everything back to the room, the guys leave and go to there room.


  The next 2 days we tried to relax a lot. After this break, the guys will be performing for 4 more weeks until we get another break. Michael and the guys ended up waking up before me so they went and got me food. when they got back I was still sleeping, so Michael ended up waking me up so I can eat. Once I ate, we decided to go down to the hotel pool and chill for the day. It was really nice to have relaxing time with the guys again, it hasn't been like this since we've left for tour.  later pm we had a movie night back in the boys room. We all ended up falling asleep in their room. eventually Michael woke me up and we went back to our room. I was falling asleep as we were walking so Michael picked me up bridal style and carried me. When we got back to the room he put me in bed and tucked me in. After he got into bed I cuddled up to his body and fell asleep.



 Today was the last day of our little break. I was sad but also happy. I loved having this time with the guys but I missed the concert atmosphere. So luckily we return back to that tomorrow. As I pack my stuff up to go back on tour,  Michael decide to distract me from doing that. he crawled up next to me and kept kissing me and then we eventually ended up on the bed. I think you can guess what happened next...

  As we finally got our shit ready we called our bus driver and he picked us up from the hotel. After that we headed to the next city and got back to touring.



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