Summer School

Bree was a shy girl, that had trouble in school. She always felt like teachers hated her and treated her differently. Bree has been bullied her whole life. When the end of the school year comes she realizes she has to go to summer school. Then when summer school starts, she's in the same class as Michael, one of the guys that messes with her. Who knows what can happen this summer...


7. Thankful



        I wake up the next morning in Michaels arms. I'm so thankful to have him and the guys in my life. He was still sleeping when I woke up so I just cuddled up really close to him and hugged him. He started waking up and looked at me. He then looked at my cheek and looked sad. I could tell he felt bad for me but I didn't want him to be sad.


      After a hour of being up I called my mom to tell her what happened so she wouldn't freak out when she got home. When I got off the phone with her she told me they would be home next week on Thursday. I didn't tell her Michael was staying at the house but I did tell her we were dating and how I dyed my hair again. she wasn't happy about my hair but she was okay with me dating Michael. We ended our call not long after I told her everything.


       When I got off the phone I looked at Michael and he was looking at one of my old scrapbooks. When he saw my birthday in there he realized my birthday was coming up. My birthday was July 20th. He looked at me and said," Babe your going to be 18 Wtf!". I was laughing at his reaction. Then he got a call on his phone. He walked in to the kitchen to answer the call. I'm thinking in my head this must be important. When he gets off the phone runs to me and picks me up and swings me around. I'm very confused so I finally ask what's up. He began telling me how the band played a few gigs and started uploading videos to YouTube, and apparently one of the members of one direction saw a video and was impressed and they want to meet and possibly have them go on tour with one direction. I couldn't be more happier for the guys, this is their dream. They have to fly put to LA in 3 weeks. In order for Michael to go he has to finish summer school.




    When my parents got home they looked stressed out but happy to be home. Michael was going to come over for dinner that night so he could meet the family. It was around 5:30 and Michael showed up. We had a nice chicken dish that my mom made, she was a good cook. After dinner Michael helped my mom clean the kitchen, he's so cute. I noticed him and my parents talking in the kitchen. I stayed in the living room with my brother because I didn't want to interrupt them because it looked serious. After about 10 minutes of them talking Michael walked out of the kitchen smiling. He came up to me and asked if we could talk in private. I said of course.


     We went outside and sat in the backyard. I was kind of scared, I hope nothings wrong. Michael looked at me and started smiling again. I ask him what he wanted to talk about he said, " Bree I have a super important question to ask you" I look at him and say back, "well spit it out Clifford im just getting older as I wait for you to ask me it!" He started laughing and started asking his question. "Well Bree as you know I have to go to LA next week and I might be leaving for tour right from there. I know one thing, I cant go long without seeing you or being with you. So I was wondering if you want to come to LA and possibly tour with me?" I was in complete shock. I first thing I said was," OMFG YESS!" but then I realized I still have to go to school and my parents probably wont let me go. I say this all to Michael and he's still smiling. And that's when he said, "Don't worry about that I already handled that. I talked to your parents about it and they said yes and for school they're going to sign you up for online school." I was crying tears of joy at this point. I never thought in my life I would be this happy. So obviously I said yes again to going.


     We walked back inside and I hugged both of my parents and thanked them a thousand times. They were happy to see me happy. Michael and I went upstairs to plan things out. We made plans to go shopping tomorrow to get some more clothes for this adventure. Since my parents were home Michael didn't stay the night. He stayed at my house until 1:30 am then walked home.



      I wake up and its weird not having Michael by my side. I look at my phone and it was 11:30, I already had 4 texts from Michael

M: Babe I cant sleep without you (3:08am )

M: Bree I love you text me when you wake up (6:20am)

M: Okay sleepy head you can wake up anytime now (10:15)

M: If your not up by 11:30 I'm coming to wake you up  (10:45)

Just as I finished reading my texts my phone beeped again and its Michael again



       Just then I hear a knock at the door and my brother answers it and Of course its Michael. He says to my brother he was going to wake me up so I hide in my closet. He opens the door starts to look around in confusion. That when I jumped out and scared the living shit out of him. He grabbed me and threw me on the bed and said to me, " I've been waiting to long to kiss you." He started kissing me and I kissed back of course. we get up and I grad some clothes for the day and I go get changed. when I'm done I grab my parents credit card that they leave for me to use all the time and tell my brother and sister I'll be back. Michael and I were going to the mall to get more clothes. Michael borrowed his moms car so we wouldn't have to walk because the mall is far and I know I like to shop so im going to have a ton of shit with me.


     We get to the mall and we go to Hot Topic first. I got 2 pairs of black skinny jeans one pair had rips in them all the way up the others were just ripped in the knee. Then I got 1 pair of jean shorts. I kind of have a problem when it comes to shopping. I bought 2 hoodies, one Pierce the Veil hoodie and one Sleeping With Sirens hoodie. I spent $180... Michael looked at me and said, " Are you serious???" He only bought 3 pairs of jeans. Then we went to Ulta because I needed makeup. after that we went to Spencers, and then we went home.


     On our way home, We got lunch because I never ate breakfast this morning. After we finished eating Michael paid then we went to my place. I had all my suitcases open putting all my new stuff in. Michael was sitting on my bed just watching me. He kept repeating how happy he was that I was going. He was also telling me how all the guys were happy too because apparently they look at me as a sister. My birthday was in 2 days and I was leaving next week. Michael said he was planning something for my birthday and it was going to great. I kept telling him we didn't have to do anything but he kept say no were doing something. Later on he went back to his house and I ended up going to sleep.

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