Summer School

Bree was a shy girl, that had trouble in school. She always felt like teachers hated her and treated her differently. Bree has been bullied her whole life. When the end of the school year comes she realizes she has to go to summer school. Then when summer school starts, she's in the same class as Michael, one of the guys that messes with her. Who knows what can happen this summer...


4. Let school begin


   Today's the first day of summer school. I've never had to go to summer school so this is all new to me. I get to school and find out what class room to go to. When I finally get to the class room there's only 3 people there, but maybe its because I'm 15 minutes early. As I sit at a table and log into the computers I hear the door open. I look to see whose walking in and it's Michael. He see's me and runs to the table I'm at. I'm so shocked. I ask him, "what class did you fail?" he looks at me and responds, "Algebra you?" I look at him and laugh and said same. Then our teacher walked in. She looks really mean. She then starts telling us how much work we have to get done per day. I look at Michael and roll my eyes. After our teacher sat down we both started working on the same things so we could get more work done. All of the work we did was online. The only thing we couldn't do together were quizzes and tests because they all had different questions. We both still helped each other figure out problem that we needed help with. Halfway through the class Michael and I were working so much we almost finished the amount of work we need to have done by the end of the week. I turn and say to him, "We make a good team" he starts laughing and the teacher yells at him to be quiet. By the end of the class we had finished the amount we needed done for the week. We still had to come to class  for the rest of the days we had scheduled. if you miss more than 2 days of summer school you get expelled and I don't want that to happen.

    As we get our stuff together to leave Michael asks if I want to go get some lunch I decided to say yes because I was starving. We walked to the little restaurant across the street from our school. We sit down and order our food. I ordered chicken strips and fries and Michael ordered a cheeseburger. I got full really quick Michael on the other hand demolished his burger in like 5 minutes. I got a box. while we waited for the bill Michael took a sharpie out and started writing on my box he wrote "Bree is a princess so don't eat her chicken strips" I started laughing. I think im starting to like Michael a lot. He's changed since when we were kids. when the bill came I grabbed it because I was going to be nice and pay but then Michael ripped it out of my hand and said, " Bree your not paying I'm the one who asked you to go to lunch I'll pay". After he paid we started walking home. He asked me to come to band practice again tonight and obviously I said yes. When we got to my house I told Michael I would text him in a little bit because I wanted to take a nap. I was so tired from school. He gave me a huge hug practically lifting me off the ground saying he would come get me at 5. I say thank you again for lunch and walk into my house.

   I walk in and see my parents are home which is surprising usually there at work. "Hey mom hey day why are you guys still home ?" they look kind of upset. my mom then says to me, " Bree we got a call today from your grandma in the U.S today and she needs us to come over there for a week because apparently she keeps falling and her doctor says he thinks she should be in a nursing home so your dad , brother, sister, and I are going there to help her move but you have to stay here because of school". I didn't mind being home alone. I respond to my mom, " okay well I hope everything goes well they all hug me and rush out quickly.

  Well I got the house to myself for a week this is lovely. My parents left me a credit card for food and whatever else I need. after I go up to my room and decided to take the nap I had planned.

  I wake up and I look at my clock and its 4:50 I yell at myself " FUCK MICHAELS GONNA BE HERE IN 10 MINUTES!" I guess im not getting ready then I grad my phone and charger and head down stairs. I go to the fridge because I had a monster mega in there and I really wanted it. I go sit on the front porch and wait for Michael.

    Michael finally shows up 15 minutes late I must be still tired though because I started to fall asleep on the porch. Michaels looks at me and smiles. He told me he would carry me to his house so I took his offer and hopped on his back. as he starts walking I say to him, " sorry if I'm crushing you I know I'm probably really heavy". He starts laughing and says, "Bree are you serious you weigh like 90 pounds you are so light." I laugh and were finally at his house the first thing I do whenever I go over his house now is grab Maisy then I go to the basement. I get down there and I see all the boys are in the corner freaking out I look at them and ask, "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS" while laughing at them and then they pointed at something and It was a spider. In Australia the spiders were huge but this one wasn't that bad. I took my shoe off walked up to it and slam my shoe against it. I say to them, "there its dead" all of them look at me like wow....


   After band practice all the guys left so it was just Michael and I. Michael turns to me to ask me," what time do you have to be home tonight?" then I remember my parents are gone so no curfew. I look to him and smile "as late as you want to stay, my parents and siblings are gone for a week so it doesn't matter". He looked happy so we decided to head to my place since his parents were going to be home soon and he didn't want to deal with them. We get to my house and walk in we decided to just chill in the living room since I had a huge TV there. I went into the kitchen to see what food we have because I was starving. I see left over pizza from last nights dinner so I ask Michael if he wants some and make us dinner.

  It was around 9 when we decided to watch a movie. I let Michael pick the movie and he picks another scary one. I told Michael wait there as I went upstairs to get changed. I was wearing skinny jeans and tbh I needed to take them off and be comfortable. I put on a pair of yoga shorts and a tank top and grab a blanket and pillows for us to watch the movie. When Michael saw that I got changed he kind of smiled. I don't know why I mean it wasn't a cute outfit it was pajamas. I sit down next to Michael. As soon as sit he's already got his arm around me. After about 5 minutes in to the movie I'm scared af. I keep hiding my in Michaels chest and every time I do he just rests his head on mine. like I said before I was really tired and I guess Michael was to because we both ended up falling asleep. The bad thing is we didn't wake up until my alarm went off for school. when I realize that he just spent the night I kind of freak out but I'm not mad I'm actually happy. Sleeping with him I felt safe. I wake him up because he didn't wake up to my phone and he's in complete shock. He then asks me," how did we both fall asleep last night" I respond saying I Don't know. Michael then walks up to me and starts hugging me. I'm really confused. Michael then says my name I respond and look at him he then asks, "will you be my girlfriend?" I look at him with excitement and say yes. He then picked me up and kissed me. I would never tell him this but he was my first kiss and we were 17 years old. He was also my first boyfriend. After all the cuteness I walk upstairs to go get ready Michael just waits down stairs he's not really getting ready for school. 

  After I was ready we walked to school. Today was going to be a great day.



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