Summer School

Bree was a shy girl, that had trouble in school. She always felt like teachers hated her and treated her differently. Bree has been bullied her whole life. When the end of the school year comes she realizes she has to go to summer school. Then when summer school starts, she's in the same class as Michael, one of the guys that messes with her. Who knows what can happen this summer...


6. Beach Day


   Today Michael and I are going to the beach. He invited the guys to come with so we could all have fun together. Ashton said he would pick all of us up. Before we left, Michael and I made a bunch of subs and packed plenty of water. I went up stairs to go get my bathing suit on. I wore my all black one I just bought. I put on a pair of jean shorts on and a t-shirt. I walked down stairs and Ashton was here. we loaded up his jeep with all the stuff we needed and headed off. on the way there I sat in the middle of Calum and Michael. We live an hour away from the beach, so this should be a interesting car ride.

   Luke plugged his phone into the aux cord then suddenly started blasting DMX  Party Up In Here . All 4 of the guys were acting so stupid jumping around in the car. I just sat there and shook my head at them. Finally the song was over and they all chilled out. For the rest of the car ride Luke just put his music on shuffle. I'm not going to Luke had great music taste. He liked Sum 41, Misfits, Blink 182, and many more bands that I liked.

   We finally get to the beach and we all rush out of the car. We grabbed all of our stuff and set up in an open area. Surprisingly there wasn't many people here. Michael grabbed me and through me over his shoulder and started running towards the water. I screaming and kicking at him to put me down and he threw me in. "THATS IT CLIFFORD YOUR GOING DOWN" I said to him running after him I was soaking wet so I finally caught him and hugged him so he got all wet. Eventually we all ended up in the water having a good time. I get out for second because I had to go to the bathroom. As I'm walking to where the bathrooms are at  I see this guy staring at me. I continue to walk to the bathroom. Once I'm done I start walking back. That was when I felt someone grab me and put there hand over my mouth. I got one scream out before he covered my mouth and the guys saw me. They all got out and ran to me. I was trying to fight his grip so much. his hand moved from my mouth and I screamed again. He slapped me so hard. The guys finally got to me. Ashton grabbed me and got me away from him. Ashton pulled his phone and called the police. My face was bruising from where he slapped me. Finally the police arrived luckily guys got him down and kept him there still they did. After the police handcuffed the man, Michael and one of the police men walked to me. The police officer only asked me a few questions and left. Michael grabbed me and hugged me so tightly. He was almost crying. He keeps asking me if I'm okay and I lie and say yes.

 Michael P.O.V.

 What would've happed if that guy got away with Bree. I would've felt horrible. He slapped her so hard, her cheek was purple from it. I don't know how Bree is so calm right now. She was crying for a little bit but now she's just in pain. It scares me to think what could've happened. I love this girl so much. I've never felt this way about someone before. Probably because I've never been in a relationship like this. I've always been the guy to hook up with girls and be done but with her I want something more than that. I just want her love. I don't care if we have sex. Being with her makes things better. I've never cared so much for someone in my life. when I bullied her I was so stupid I was 14 and dumb. I hope I never hurt her again.


We finally get home and Bree goes right inside into her room. I unload the stuff and bring it inside and the guys left. I go to walk upstairs to see if she's okay. I open her door and she was just sitting on the floor crying. I go next to her and sit down. she just cried for an hour to get everything out. I didn't mind I understood that was very scary. I picked her up and put her in bed. she fell asleep really quick I went down stairs to lock all the doors and then went back up stairs.  I got into bed with her and we fell asleep.

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