A book of my thoughts

Ever had thoughts, that you kinda wanna share, but not on social media like tumblr, twitter, or Facebook? Well I do too, so here is the book of the thoughts I just can't let go unseen.


3. Oh how the tables turn

It's not me anymore
It's you
Only you
And I won't take the blame

You keep begging
Begging for my attention
But you didn't want it when I offered it
And now it's too late

Im sorry
For you
For Her
For me

I'm sorry that I pushed my way
Into your heart
That you pushed back too late
And now you're stuck

You're stuck with these feelings
And you have no clue what to do
And neither do I
But we still talk

You beg for my attention
For my touch
For my smile
And I keep giving it too you

But I won't return your feelings
Not anymore
I'm tired of pulling on a thread
Even though it should've been us


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