friends with benifits

Addy woods have two guy best friends, Mat Dawnsen and Javen jules. all of them had been best friends since preschool, what will happen when addy has feelings for one of them? will the other one get hurt or will all of the stay as friends? find out.....


2. Saturday night


Addy's p.o.v.

Today is Friday, one more day for the party. I'll be really disappointed to be ditching family night, well at least my parents will have time for them selves. The clothes I chose for today would be, a black skirt, long sleeve mint green crop-top, black vest and my black heels. I put my hair in a up and down style and did my usual makeup look. After eating my cereal, I grab my bag and phone. I headed outside and waited for Mat and Javin to walk with me. A few minutes has gone by, and they finally showed up. We arrive at the school and chat for a bit until it was time to go into our first period class. English was boring as always, I wasn't even giving a crap about paying attention instead I was listening to music and texting the boys. I'm glade the teacher hasn't look at us on her whole lesson, she really doesn't give a shit about the students in the back which is a good thing, to me. The bell had rang to go to me second period which was p.e., with the boys. I obviously have all classes with them which is awesome. We're playing Volleyball in p.e. today and we have to choose our teams. I was hoping to be with Mat and Javin but, they were in another team, and I was stuck with Lizzy Hemsworth and her sidekicks which would be Megan Campbell and Caroline Garcia. These are the worst people anyone could ever meet, the popular bitches. They are no match for me cause I'd play volleyball since I was 8 years old, and got a lot of trophies. For the past few minutes, these bitches are actually playing something that includes sports and we are winning, can you believe it! The game was almost over, just one more hit. The ball went into the air and I hit  it and we won. The girls and I were actually hugging in victory, I was kind of proud of them. Soon, school was over and I was going shopping with the girls, I know the girls and I had a past but that's over, for now we're just frenemies or just friends. Later, we were at the mall to try on some dresses. I just figure the party was going to held at Lizzy's, even though I always go to her parties and when ever I'm there, we just chat and go our separate ways. all of us paid for our dress and then we got Starbucks and we were chatting things up. I said my goodbyes and headed toward my house, while I open up the door I was surprise that my parents were sleeping and didn't ask where I was. I just walk up to my room and change into some shorts and a cookie monster crop top, for a minute I was just on my phone stalking people on Instagram until my eyes felt heavy.

~ skips to Saturday ~

Javin's p.o.v.

I woke up by the sun shining through my blinds. I just remember it was Saturday and the party, also that I'm grounded because I was getting an F in Spanish 3, also my mother found out as well about the F. So that will mean no electronics and no parties, but I can go to a friends house though, and I know Addy and Mat will be able to go to the party, my plan is working. All day I was just in my room cleaning since I'm a lazy ass, and some people say that chores are fun, yeah with music though! It was about five o'clock, so much work but, it was worth it. My mom was actually proud of me cleaning my bedroom, vacuuming and doing the dishes. Later, I told mt mother if I could go over at Addy's house and she said "yes." I walk towards Addy's house and knock on her door, the door open and Addy welcome me inside. Addy and I were just playing truth or dare, It was fun. Soon It was 6:30, I brought some clothes with me so I should be ok.

Addy's p.o.v.

I was in my living room watching netflix when suddenly there was a knock at the door. I open it to see Javin, I hugged him and welcome him in. Soon, we were playing truth or dare while eating popcorn and listening to music. Now It was 6:30 and the party started at eight o'clock, Javin won't take long but, since I'm a girl I take longer. Javin took a shower, we the three of us were just babies we were taking baths together and stuff. After when Javin finished, It was my turn. I walk towards my bathroom and turn on the shower. For a few minutes I got out and started to get ready. First, I blow dried my hair until It was smooth, then I curled it. Next, I did my makeup but did it a little different than usual, I wore the same lipstick, foundation, and mascara. This time I added some fake eyelashes from the mall and did a smokey eye look. Finally, I put on my dress, It was a tight black dress and I wore my black heels with It, as well with a matching thong and strapless bra, I took one look in the mirror and I was surprise of my style, I look sexy as hell! When I walked out of the bathroom, Javin was talking on the phone, when he turn around his jaw drop. 

Javin: wow...

Addy: how do I look. *twirls around*

Javin: beautiful Addy

Addy: stop drooling and let's go to the party.

Javin: where's your parents...

Addy: I told them that they can have the night to them selves and I'll be staying at home. they also knew one of you would keep me company as well...

Javin: oh ok... let's go

~ skips to the party ~

Addy's p.o.v.

A few hours later, I was dancing with Mat and Javin, I already knew that we were hella drunk. The party was amazing as fuck, drinks were flowing and everyone was having a good time. Soon, I was dancing with Megan, Lizzy and Caroline. It was fun dancing with them, I admit It though. It was almost midnight and the drunkness was fading away, It was time to go and I have to get Javin and Mat. When I got them, we decided to walk home, our parents would be sooooo pissed at us. When I reach my house the boys drop to the floor, and my parents weren't home yet. I walked the boys to their homes, Mat's dad was out with his friends so I just took Mat to his room. Next, I took Javin home, when I knock on his door, his mother was shocked. I told her the truth of what happen and I didn't know that Javin was grounded, I felt so guilty. Javin's mom called my mother and she was also disappointed in me. I apologized to Javin's mother and she forgave me which was nice of her, she knows me since birth and she knew this was going to happen someday but, she'll get over It. A few minute while I washed my face and got into my pajamas which was black shorts with a stripped pink crop top. My parents came inside the house which was at 1 o'clock. I was let off with a warning since I lied to them and didn't say anything about the party but, I told them It was Lizzy's party so they were ok with it since my parents know my past about me and Lizzy. When I say past I mean my parents knows about the good past. I walked up to my room and I just literally passed out.

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