friends with benifits

Addy woods have two guy best friends, Mat Dawnsen and Javen jules. all of them had been best friends since preschool, what will happen when addy has feelings for one of them? will the other one get hurt or will all of the stay as friends? find out.....


14. meeting again

Addy's p.o.v.

I woke up a little early than normal, I walked towards my bathroom and started my shower. After I got out, while I was brushing my hair out. Two arms snake around my waist and I looked up in the mirror seeing a sleepy Mat. To be honest, his hair looks really cute when it's messy. He kissed my shoulder then smack my ass. I walk towards my bedroom closet to pick an outfit for today, since it's kind of chilly I just put on some Nike sweats, burgundy sweater and my vans. I put my hair in a pony tail and started on my make-up. Once Mat and I were done doing our thing, we greet my parents then started to meet up with Javin. Once Mat, Javin and I were settle down in English, someone enter the room and walked towards the teacher. When that person turn around I realized it was Justin. Did he transfer? why was he here? So many questions were swirling in my mind.

~ skips to p.e. ~

P.E. started and Justin is in p.e. with us. While I was about to walk towards him, Mat grab my wrist and took both of us into the locker room. Mat attacked me with kisses on my neck, I was about to speak until he put a finger on my lips. He took off my crop-top and started to kiss my stomach. by the way I don't wear normal clothes for PE like sweats and matching shirt, I wear some sort of crop-top and really tight gym shorts. I push Mat onto a bench behind him and sat on his lap and grinding on him. Suddenly my phone rang, I have pockets in my shorts. I looked at the unknown number and answered it, to my surprise it was Justin. i lied to Mat that it was my mom calling and I went to the other side of the locker room.

Addy: hey babe

Justin: hey, where are you...

Addy: girls locker room, why?

Justin: ok and were you surprise when I came into English this morning...

Addy: I was shocked really

Justin: really *chuckles*

Addy: yea..

Justin: so I was thinking that me and you could go on a date or get coffee after school

Addy: a date would be nice...

Justin: great, just don't be to obvious 

Addy: what do you mean obvious...

Justin: don't let Mat notice or curious

Addy: oh ok 

Justin: is Mat with you or...

Addy: umm...

Justin: is he next to you..

Addy: no i'm on the other side of the locker room and i'm whispering 

Justin: ok good and I have something else to say

Addy: what is it...

Justin: don't go near Mat

Addy: justin... he's my friend

Justin: more likely friends with benefits... he's only using you for sex

Addy: maybe he is but....

Justin: I bet he forces you doesn't he?

Addy: .....

Justin: if he touches you again, tell me

Addy:  I will

Justin: PE is about to end see u later

Addy ok love you baby

Justin: love you too

~ end of call ~

Mat's p.o.v.

I took a hold of Addy's wrist and took both of us to the locker room, we were making out until her phone started to ring. Addy said it was her mum calling, that's bullshit, I know that's Justin is calling her i'm not stupid. When she finally hung up I sneak up behind her, pulling her waist. She got so scared that she was about to scream until I put my hand over her mouth. I turn her towards me and the look on her face was hilarious, she though I was someone who was gonna attack her. She punch my chest a few times and when she turned around to go to her locker I smack her ass and she yelp.

~ skips after schools ~

Addy's p.o.v.

Mat and I were walking to my house, Javin got picked by his uncle since his mom was still working. My mum and dad were still working as well so me and Mat will have the house to ourselves but, I did wanted Justin here with me instead of Mat. I got a text it was from Justin saying he'll be here in an hour. Shit, I said to myself, Mat was here and I couldn't just tell him to leave cause he just got here. Maybe I can get them to get along or something fun and interesting. I told Mat that I'll be upstairs to change, he wanted to come up and I said no. I let my hair down and it was wavy, I decided that I want them to get along by doing something fun at the same time. I wore black fishnet stockings, a one black swimsuit and I had bunny ears that I wore for Easter when I was 15. I reapply mascara, red lipstick and eyeliner. While I was putting on some black pumps, Justin texted me that he was here and had a angry face emoji, I knew what the face was about, he knew Mat was here because Mat open the door. I walked down the stairs and stop midway and did a sexy pose. Just when the both turned around there eyes were huge.

Justin: god damn

Mat: *dog whistle*

Addy: *walks down the stairs and sits onto the couch*

Mat: why are you dress like that...

Addy: you don't like it

Mat: I didn't say that

Justin: what he's trying to say is, what are you doing dressing like that around us

Addy: cause I want to, that's why

Mat: this is one of your games

Justin: games?

Mat: when you weren't in her life, she always plays some sexy game with me or try to make me to do something else....

Justin: is that what you are trying to do to us

Addy: *walks up to Mat and Justin* I don't feel like talking, don't you two wanna have fun before my parents come home

Justin: first tell us what you are doing...

Addy: fine *puts hands on hips*

Addy: I'm trying to get you both of you  to get along...

Mat: seriously... with that outfit

Justin: Addy you know that's not going to work

Addy: *walks up to Justin, turns around and puts her ass on his crotch*

Justin: (puts two hands onto Addy's ass* Addy, what are you doing

Justin: *turns Addy around and pushes her*

Addy: what the hell...

Mat: this isn't going to help at all Addy

Addy: *gets closer to Mat's face, pulls his head forwards and kisses him*

Mat: *breaks the kiss* Addy...

Addy: does that work....

Mat: you know what, we'll play your games *throws Addy over his shoulder*

Mat: Justin you coming

Justin: sure whatever

Addy: are guys gonna punish me or what

Justin: you'll find out babe

~ skips to Addy's bedroom ~

Mat: *throws Addy onto the bed and flips her onto her stomach*

Addy: I like where this is going...

Justin: do you now... *slaps Addy's ass*

Addy: *moans*

Mat: she likes it, do you wanna spank her again?

Justn: don't mind if I do *slaps Addy's ass a few times*

Addy: ugh yes

Justin: get up!

Addy: *gets up*

Justin: *kisses Addy's neck*

Mat: *kisses Addy's lips*

Addy: mmm

Justin: do you wants us to fuck you now

Addy: please, i'm so wet now

Addy: *strips off clothes*

Mat: *strips off clothes

Justin: *strips off clothes

Justin: *enters Addy from behind*

Addy: *gasps* oh my god

Addy: *deep throats Mat's dick*

Mat: oh yeah

Justin: mmm Addy you feel good

Addy: mmmmm

Mat: *bobs Addy's head faster and chokes her*

Justin: *fucks Addy faster* 

Justin: *moans*

Mat: Addy i'm about to cum

Addy: *gags and deep throats Mat again*

Justin: *spanks Addy's ass hard, leaving a mark*

Addy: *moans and screams*

Justin: babe are you on the pill...

Addy: *out of breath* yes

Justin: bout to cum babe

Addy: let's all cum together

Mat: uh ughhh

Justin: here it comes..... uuuhh

Addy: i'm cumming *moans*

Mat: whoa, that was one hella of a threesome

Justin: hell yeah *high fives Mat*

Addy: so you too got along

Justin: Addy, I don't hate him I just don't like him as a friend and we're gonna be that way whatever you do

Mat: what he said

Addy: damn it

Addy's mom: Addy sweetie we're home

Mat: shit

Addy: you two hide in my closet

Justin: ok

Addy: *grabs a robe and sits at her vanity, brushing her hair*

Addy's mom (Chelsea) : *walks into Addy's room* hey sweetie

Addy: hey mum

Chelsea: what do you want for dinner?

Addy: mexican or pizza

Chelsea: ok, I'll tell when the food is here

Addy: ok, love you

Chelsea: love you too *closes Addy's door*

Addy: ok you can come out now

Justin: I rather choose pizza over mexican

Mat: same

Addy: *giggles* you guys can sleep over, just ask my mum

Mat: two boys at your house might seem suspicious to your mum, especially your dad

Addy: my dad knows both of you and both of slept over my house before

Justin: Addy. I never slept over your house

Addy: you knew what I meant *takes off robe and walk towards closet*

Mat: would stop walking around naked...

Addy: no

Mat: *gets off bed, walks behind Addy and spanks her*

Addy: hey!

Addy: *changes into matching black lace bra and panties*

Addy: better...

Mat: no...

Justin: looks good to me *chuckles*

Mat: Addy clothes now

Addy: mat no, shut up

Justin: you two fight lie five year olds

Addy: shut up *turns back to the closet*

Addy: *changes into pink polka-dot pj shorts and black sweater crop-top*

Mat: better

Addy: whatever *walks out of her room*

Addy: *walks down the stairs*

Chelsea: we're having mexican sweetie

Addy: ok, can Mat and Justin sleep over tonight

Chelsea: honey, it's a school night

Addy: I know and tomorrow if Friday anyways

Chelsea: true... ok they can sleep over, are they in your room?

Addy: ummm....

Chelsea: well good thing I order i order tacos, burritos and nachos for your dad

Addy: *grabs a water bottle out of the fridge* thanks mum

Chelsea: welcome dear

~ skips to night time ~

Justin: this is good

Addy: *throws a chip at Justin* don't talk with your mouth full

Mat: *laughs*

no one's p.o.v.

Mat, Justin and Addy were watching t.v. and still eating tacos until midnight and fell asleep after words the next morning will be very intense for the three of them.









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