friends with benifits

Addy woods have two guy best friends, Mat Dawnsen and Javen jules. all of them had been best friends since preschool, what will happen when addy has feelings for one of them? will the other one get hurt or will all of the stay as friends? find out.....


4. I regret this but don't

Mat's p.o.v.

Addy was sleeping over my house, and we order pizza and watch a romantic movie she picked out. While we were in the middle of the movie I was staring at her and I know she  notice. Addy got some ice cream for the both of us, I finish my ice cream and Addy was paying attention to the movie and she just realized her ice cream was melting and landed on her chest. She was about to get up until I grab her waist and started to kiss her breast, I licked my lips when I licked all of the ice cream off her chest. I kissed her lips roughly and passionately, this feels amazing. Now, we are in my room and I started to take off my shirt and jeans. While I was pulling Addy's panties, she stop me and we both went to bed after. It was now Monday,  I tried to kiss Addy but she turn her head to the other side, instead she hug me and went to her own house. I started to get ready for school, the clothes I wore today was ripped black jeans, red t shirt, leather jacket and black vans. I texted Javin to come meet me at my house so we can talk while Addy gets ready.

Addy's p.o.v.

I woke up and realized I'm in Mat's room, I didn't forget about last night. At the same time I regret it but didn't, I got my clothes on and started to head down the stairs into the living room. When I was getting my shoes, Mat saw me and was about to kiss me but I turned away, instead I hug him. I walked out of Mat's house and walked to my house, I'm surprised it was 6AM and I have a lot of time. My parents were still sleeping and I head to my room and started my shower. After I got out of the shower, I choosing my clothes which were, fishnet stockings, tight purple skirt, black crop top, leather jacket and black wedges. I curled my hair and did my usual makeup, I texted Mat that I'm ready and I'm going to head outside. I greet my parents, and got my phone and bag. When I walked outside, Mat and Javin mouths drop. I hugged Javin and I didn't hug Mat. I know I said I regret what happen the other night, I kind of want to tease Mat. Javin and I are walking in front of Mat, which made him a little pissed cause I kept looking back at him. When we arrive to the school Javin gone to his locker, and I went to the ladies bathroom. I notice someone was following me and that would be Mat. I heard the door lock and I was looking into the mirror to see a piss off Mat. He spun me to face him and stare deep into my eyes.

Addy: stop staring...

Mat why not, you look hella sexy in that outfit.

Addy: this outfit *spins around*

Mat: you're such a tease.

Addy: good, cause I was trying to tease you.

Mat: Is this about the other night...

Addy: no, I just want to tease you.

Mat: I know you regret it, but It looks like you don't

Addy: true

Mat: which one...

Addy: I regret it but don't at the same time

Mat: I really want to kiss you right now

Addy: then do it

Mat: *kiss Addy roughly*

Addy: *moans*

Mat: you like that don't you

Addy: yes

*bells rings*

Addy: ugh stupid bell

Mat: we can finish after school if you want

Addy: so, are we friends with benefits or something 

Mat: if you want to...

Addy: why not, it'll be fun

Mat: come on sexy *squeezes Addy's ass*

Addy: mat *kisses mat's cheek*

The day flew by fast and I can't wait for Mat and I to have fun. The ringing of my phone interrupted my thoughts and check it. It was from Javin, "Mat told me everything." Why the fuck did Mat tell Javin, I was so pissed off! It was after school now, we are now walking and I was talking to Javin instead of Mat. Javin went to his house and It was just Mat and I now. I was now in Mat's house, I took off my shoes and jacket and I sat on his couch, his dad was still on that trip so yeah. I'm still pissed off and Mat broke the silence. 

Mat: what's wrong...

Addy: nothing...

Mat: god damn it tell me!

Addy: why did you tell Javin...

Mat: Addy, I didn't say that much.

Addy: that doesn't make anything better.

Mat: that I said was, you came over and in the middle of the movie I kissed you

Addy: well it looks like he knows the rest of it...

Mat: you're still pissed...

Addy: what do you think, you didn't have to tell him that.

Mat: well sorry, we usually tell Javin everything and I don't want him to be left out

Addy: still, you shouldn't told him about that night...

Mat: since your so pissed off, I have to do something about that

Addy: wait what?!

Mat: *throws Addy over my shoulder*

Addy: hey, put me down!

Mat's p.o.v.

I threw Addy over my shoulder and I walked up to my room. I put Addy on my bed and I climb on top of her. I know this isn't her first time, because she used have a boyfriend since sophomore year. I took off her skirt and top, I kissed her more rough and sloppy. I know she loves when I do that to her, I want her so bad. Addy took off my shirt and jeans, I was just in my boxers and she was in her undergarments. Addy got down on her knees and took off my boxers. Her eyes grew big at my member. She started licking on my member and sucking, this feels so good. I flip Addy on to her stomach, and enter her and she feels fantastic. I was fucking Addy from behind and she loved It. I can tell Addy was about to climax and so was I. For a few minutes she climax and I pull out and came on her chest. We both fell onto the bed and I kissed Addy's forehead.

Addy: I'm gonna take a shower, wanna join

Mat: oh, you know I do

~ skips to night time ~

Addy and I watch some movies, Addy fell asleep. My eyes are feeling heavy, I turn the T.V. off, pick up Addy and lay her onto my bed. She looks so peaceful, the next thing I know I fell asleep next to Addy.


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