friends with benifits

Addy woods have two guy best friends, Mat Dawnsen and Javen jules. all of them had been best friends since preschool, what will happen when addy has feelings for one of them? will the other one get hurt or will all of the stay as friends? find out.....


19. I hate you!

Mat's p.o.v.

I woke to Addy kissing my forehead, we were making out until my head started hurting a bit. I walked towards the bathroom and took some painkillers. While I was getting dress, Addy is making some pancakes. We ate our breakfast, Addy went up stairs to get dress, since it was still the weekend we are going to the park then the movies. 

Addy's p.o.v.

I woke Mat up by kissing his forehead a couple of times, then we were making out. I went downstairs to the kitchen to make some pancakes. Mat came down and we ate our breakfast, after cleaning up I went back upstairs to freshen up. I think Mat is taking me out somewhere, I got out of the shower five or ten minutes ago and search for an outfit today. I wore white skinny jeans, a blue lace top and black wedges. I brushed my hair, put it in a up and down style then my makeup. An hour or two later we are having a picnic, and Mat is feeding me chocolate cover strawberries and was so romantic and sweet. After we ate and throw grapes at each other, we were on the swings talking about our future and what we want to do. 

~ Movie time ~

We were at the movies and are watching "Annabelle," it was so scary that I literally ran out of the theater room, Mat followed me. He was laughing at me the whole ride home, I told him to stop laughing at me! I started to hit his chest and he didn't even do anything but still dying of laughter. I didn't want to do this but he left me no choice, I slap him, I know that I'm in BIG trouble. He literally pulled my arm, bend me over his lap and spanked me. He decided to pull off my jeans along with my underwear and spank me harder. When he finished, he squeezed my face to and kissed me harshly. I gave in into the kiss, we started to make out hella rough one this led to another.

Mat: don't you ever do that again, understand?

Addy: but I want to do it again...

Mat: I said don't Addy!

Addy: *mumbles under breath* someone has anger issues

Mat: what was that?

Addy: nothing

Mat: ur so annoying

Addy: i know

~ the next day ~

Justin's p.o.v.

I woke up, I wanted to go to Addy's house to make it up to her. I shouldn't had slap her, I know she's use to Mat doing shit like that to her but, when I did it literally broke my heart and I didn't mean to. Today I want to show her how I feel about her... I want her to be love by someone she can trust other than Javin and especially Mat. I walked up to her front door and knocked on it, when the door open It revealed Mat. I had so much anger but I'm not gonna show it or even express it and I came for Addy. Mat and I just gave each others death stares and went our separate ways. He's probably coming back but, I don't care. When I enter Addy's room she was facing her closet and I decide to walk up behind her and kiss her neck.

Addy: Mat back already...

Justin: mm

Addy: mm mat

Addy: *turns around*

Justin: miss me baby...

Addy: get out... NOW

Justin: I'm not going anywhere until you forgive me

Addy: hell to the fucking no

Justin: Addy baby, I'm trying here

Addy: if I forgive you will you leave?

Justin: yes

Addy: *sighs* I- I forgive you...

Justin: thank you.... *kisses Addy*

Addy: get off of me

Justin: I love you Addy


Addy: *screams*

Mat: babe I'm...


Addy: Mat *runs to Mat*

Mat: *whispers to Addy* are you ok...

Addy: *nods*

Mat: get the hell out of here

Justin: fine... *exits Addy's house*

Addy's p.o.v.

I was searching for an outfit until I felt lips on my neck, Mat was suppose to get snacks and rent a game... I didn't know he was that fast. When I turned around Justin was the one kissing me, I forgive him then he kissed me again! I tried to push him off of me, "I HATE YOU," I said. Mat came into the room seconds later, I ran to him then Mat told Justin to get out and he did. Night had fallen, Mat and I are playing call of duty, I don't know why but Mat wanted to take turns. Mat rub my legs, then to my ass. He started to kiss on my neck and I started to moan. He whispers into my ear saying I should bend over on his lap and I did. After the spanking, we started to take our clothes off. Mat unclapse my bra and massage my boobs. Right in the middle of our making out, the doorbell rang. I put on Mat's t-shirt and Matt still had his boxers on. I open the door, and for a relief it was my parents and they know Mat I are together. For a second I thought it was Justin, from that night on Mat and I resume our making out then fell asleep after wards.


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