friends with benifits

Addy woods have two guy best friends, Mat Dawnsen and Javen jules. all of them had been best friends since preschool, what will happen when addy has feelings for one of them? will the other one get hurt or will all of the stay as friends? find out.....


21. how could you!

Addy's p.o.v.

the next morning my head was killing me, as I was walking towards the bathroom I saw Javin and Veronica were making out. They saw me and hurried out of the bathroom, I really don't feel like going to school today. I just wanna be with Mat, Javin and Roni today. My parents are over seas for their work, so I have the house to my self! While going back to my room, I heard Mat's and veronica voices. 

~ conversation ~

Veronica: Let's pretend it never happen ok?

Mat: but V...

Veronica: you're with Addy, you shouldn't have been drinking...

Mat: so?!

Veronica: it's just a kiss, it didn't mean anything to me and i'm with Javin now

~ end of conversation ~

When I realized what they were talking about, I was literally pissed off! I walked into my room, pass by Mat and Veronica and went on my phone to listen to music. An hour later has passed and I didn't talk to anyone at all today, I got a little hungry so I put on some sweats, a t-shirt, jacket and some shoes. I had some left over money from the last time I was home alone. I asked Javin if he wanted to get some tacos with me and he accept. 

~ at taco bell ~

Javin: you ok?

Addy: yeah, why?

Javin: well, you hadn't talked to anyone all day today and you asked me to eat with you

Addy: I don't wanna talk about it...

Javin: lemme guess it has something to do with V and Mat?

Addy: ....

Javin: of course... let's go home

Addy: ok...

~ at the house ~

Veronica's p.o.v.

Addy came into her room and pass by me and Mat. I'm guessing she heard us... I feel so stupid and an ungrateful friend. I tried to talk to her but, she's either walking away or telling me to "fuck off." Meanwhile I was in the living room reading something until the door open, Addy and Javin enter the house. Javin wave his hand telling me to come with him, we were outside talking. 

Javin: really V...

Veronica: what's wrong?

Javin: don't act all innocent..

Veronica: it's was nothing, I swear

Javin: I don't believe you

Veronica: I'm telling the truth... Mat is the one who kiss me not the other way around

Javin: no, you should've come to me at the party

Veronica: yes and I'm sorry... please don't give up on me

Javin: *sighs*

Veronica: please J

Javin: ok, you have one more chance, and if anything happens come talk to or else

Veronica: I will... I love you

Javing: love you too *kisses Veronica*

Addy's p.o.v.

I walked up to my room and there sat Mat on the edge of my bed, he walked up to me and tried to kiss me but, I stop him. Soon we were yelling at each other...

Addy: how could you?!

Mat: Addy im sorry... blame the drunk me

Addy: well you shouldn't have been drinking that much then...

Mat: please let me make it up to you...

Addy: no!

Addy: why in the hell would you kiss her in the first place

Mat: I thought it was you when I kissed you but, I realized the drunkenness was fading away and I was kissing V

Addy: still you should've came to me anyway

Mat: i know and i'm sorry

Addy: I'm still mad but i'm just gonna let it go for now

Veronica's p.o.v

Meanwhile Javin and I were making out on the couch, I only had a bra and panties on and Javin had his boxers. I was on Javin's lap, and he was about to take off my bra until I heard Addy's voice behind me. I quickly put on Javin's shirt and face a shock Addy. "you guys made up pretty well," Addy said, I just blush and Javin slap my ass saying "hell yeah we did."  At the end of the night we were watching a comedy show and drinking milkshake and eating popcorn. I love my friends and boyfriend, nothing could possibly tear us apart.

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