friends with benifits

Addy woods have two guy best friends, Mat Dawnsen and Javen jules. all of them had been best friends since preschool, what will happen when addy has feelings for one of them? will the other one get hurt or will all of the stay as friends? find out.....


8. Gettin dirty

Mat's p.o.v.

I woke up to the smell of pancakes, I'm guessing Addy is cooking us breakfast. I was about to wake Javin up, but he was already out of bed. I got out of bed and walk towards the kitchen where I found Javin and Addy. We said our good mornings and ate our breakfast. Javin's mom wanted him home caused they were packing to go see his grandma for two weeks. Now its just me and Addy. Addy and I were watching a movie, she got up to go to the bathroom. When Addy was in the bathroom her phone started to ring and I picked it up. Of course it was fucking James. While I was yelling to James on the phone, I felt hands on my shoulders.

Addy: *whispers* please hang up

Mat: *hangs the phone up and gives it to Addy*

Mat: I'm sorry, I need to talk to that bastard to leave you alone

Addy: let's not talk about James *kisses Mat's neck and massages him*

Mat: mmm baby, stop teasing

Addy: you like that babe

Mat: you know I do

Addy: *walks in front of Mat*

Mat: are going to strip in front of me? 

Addy: would you like that?

Mat: yes baby

Addy: *striptease in front of Mat*

Mat: oh yeaah baby

Addy: like what you see

Mat: you have the perfect body for me to fuck

Addy: Mat, you're gonna get me more wet

Mat: *chuckles*

Mat: *gets off from the couch*

Addy: *walks towards Mat and kisses him*

Mat: uh ah get on your knees

Addy: *gets down on knees and unbuckles Mat's jeans*

Mat: mmm

Addy: *puts Mat's cock in mouth*

Mat: *grunts* yeaaah

Addy: *sucks faster and sloppy*

Mat: oohhh Addy *picks up Addy off the floor*

Addy: what are you doing...

Mat: *sits down on the couch and pulls Addy on his lap*

Addy: *giggles* mat

Mat: *spanks Addy's ass*

Addy: *moans*

Mat: you like that baby *spanks Addy*

Addy: mmm yes *moans*

Mat: If Javin stayed, you'll be sucking him off, would you

Addy: mmm yes

Mat: *spanks Addy* you're my bad little girl baby

Addy: mmmm mat

Mat: your ass is so nice baby

Mat: *picks up Addy and puts her on the couch*

Addy: r u gonna fuck me now...

Mat: it depends, how rough do you want me to be

Addy: very rough

Mat: your wish is my command *enters Addy*

Addy: yesss mat

Mat: *goes rougher and pulls Addy's hair*

Addy: *moans louder* 

Addy: *moans mat's name*

Mat: *grunts* oh yes scream my name

Addy: *phones go off*

Addy: *moans* shit

Mat: *goes harder and more rough* don't get it babe

Addy: *picks up the phone* it's from my mom

Mat: *moans* ok answer it

Addy: not while your fucking me, she dosen't know about this

Mat: *thrust harder* ANSWER IT!

Addy: *screams loud* mmmm

Addy: *talks out of breath* hi mom

Eva: hi sweetie, Your dad and I are still in new york. are you ok?

Addy: *breaths heavy* yea

Eva: everything ok?

Addy: mom i'm fine, i'm jogging

Eva: oh ok have fun jogging

Addy: ok love you bye *hangs up*

Mat: *moans and throws head back* im bout' to cum baby

Addy: ooohhhh baby

Mat: *gets out of Addy and cums on her chest* oh yeaaah

Addy: mmm mat

Mat: you should go take a shower

Addy: ok, wanna join

Mat: I'll be there in a minute *kisses Addy's forehead*

Addy: *goes to the bathroom*

Mat: *texts Javin*

Addy's p.o.v.

I got out of the bathroom and saw Mat on my phone, I'm guessing James is on the phone. I walked up behind him, I massage him while kissing his neck. I told him to hang up and he did. One lead to another and he was fucking me from behind, he's so fucking hard. Suddenly my phone started to ring, I picked it up and the caller ID was from mom. Mat wanted me to answer it and I did, while Mat was fucking me. My mom still doesn't know about the whole friends with benefits with Javin and Mat, I hate lying to her. It's not like this was the first time lying to her though. After I hung up, Mat came on my chest. I walked towards the bathroom to take a shower. I got into the shower, second later Mat was behind me kissing my neck. We wash each other and got out of the shower, I walked towards my closet to change into comfortable clothes. The clothes i picked was black shorts and a "fuck you" green shirt. I put my hair in a high ponytail, After Mat put his extra boxers on that he brought to my house, we order a pizza. 

Addy: wanna watch a movie

Mat: how about a little game of truth or dare

Addy: we could play but it's just you and me babe

Mat: well while you were getting dress, I invited some of my freinds friends

Addy: which friends, I only remember Kevin, Erik, Jasmine, and Naomi

Mat: those are the people who are coming over...

Addy: really?! I haven't seen them since last summer

Mat: *hears the doorbell* and here they are now

I haven't seen those four in like forever. We're all still good friends and sometimes i text them or see them at the mall, they use to go to our school but all four of the switched out for reasons that i'm not gonna tell. Kevin Ambers has blonde hair with bright brown eyes, he's sweet and funny. Naomi River is his girlfriend now, they been together since that summer. Naomi dyed her hair bright red, her original hair color was black. She has blue eyes, four tatts and a nose piercing. Jasmine Miller has long chestnut hair, and hazel eyes. Jas is a real smarty pants and sometimes really stubborn, her and Erik started dating about three weeks ago. Erik Jefferson has black hair with green eyes. He's also stubborn, smart and really smart. He used to have a crush on me until he met Jas.

Addy: hey guys *group hugs Jas, Erik, Naomi, and Kevin*

Jasmine: I miss you all

Erik: I'm with you all the time babe *pulls Jas's waist*

Naomi: *laughs* oh stop you love birds

Mat: should we start the game?

Kevin: yea let's do this

Naomi: wait, we should do "never had I ever" instead

Addy: I almost forgot about that game, we should do that

Jasmine: Naomi it's a drinking game, we don't have alcohol

Mat: instead of drinking we have to take off our clothes 

Kevin: god enough for me, I already saw Naomi's sexy body

Naomi: *blushes* stop you dork

~ minutes later ~

Mat: never had I ever done it in public *takes off shirt*

Addy:*takes off shorts*

Mat: you guys haven't done it in public

Jas: never

Naomi: I wish

Kevin: nope

Erik: never

Addy: ok next

Erik: never have I ever been walked on by parents *takes pants off*

Jasmine: shit *takes off shirt*

Addy: you two are hella innocent

Naomi: just wait for it Addy *smirks*

Naomi: never have I ever had sex on the washing machine while it was on *takes off shirt*

Kevin: *takes off pants* that was hot btw, Addy and Mat should do that

Addy we might *winks at mat*

Kevin: never had I ever did a strip tease in front of a girlfriend or boyfriend *takes shirt off*

Naomi: *Takes off skirt*

Addy: *takes off top*

Jasmine: *takes off pants*

Mat: never had I ever had a threesome *takes off pants*

Addy: *takes off bra*

Kevin: nice tits 

Addy: thank you

Erik: never had I ever got a blowjob *takes shirt off*

Mat: *takes boxers off* Ha! i won

Addy: I was about to win though

Mat: i wish babe

Erik: should we keep going or....

Naomi: idk

Jasmine: I want to

Addy: let's go skinny dipping since some of us are almost naked

Mat: sounds good to me

Kevin: ok, Naomi your up for it

Naomi: hell yea

Jasmine: let's go, come on Erik

~ meanwhile in the Jacuzzi ~

Addy: ahh stop splashing Jas *giggling*

Mat: everyone plash Addy *splash Addy*

Naomi: *splashes addy*

Kevin: *laughs*

Erik: *splashes addy*

Addy: I miss having you guys at my house

Jasmine: same, we should do this more often again

Erik: yeah maybe next summer or something

Mat: sounds like a plan

~ later that night ~

Mat: that was hella fun babe

Addy: yea it was good seeing them again

Mat: wanna do round two... *smirks*

Addy: I just want to relax in the jacuzzi

Mat: babe I'm horny and we'er still naked

Addy: you can jerk off *smirks*

Mat: you're such a tease

Addy: oh i know

Mat: *puts hand between Addy's legs*

Addy: mat... no

Mat: *rubs Addy's pussy ans kisses her neck*

Addy: mat *moans*

Mat: *fondles Addy's breast*

Mat: you know you love it babe

Addy: i do *moans*

Addy: fuck mat i want you now

Mat: oh yeaaah

Addy: *gets on top of Mat and thrust on him*

Mat: ohhh baby yeaaaah

Addy: *thrust harder*

Mat: *grabs Addy's hips and kisses her boobs*

Addy: *moans* ooohhh mat

Mat: i'm gonna cum baby

Addy: cum in my mouth babe

Mat: hee it comes *cums in Addy's mouth and grunts*

Addy: mmmm so good *swallows the cum*

Mat: *kisses Addy passionately on the lips*

Addy: mmm let's go to bed babe

Mat: ok babe

Addy: *gets out of the Jacuzzi*

Mat: *gets out of the jacuzzi and slaps Addy's ass*

Addy: *giggles*

no one's p.o.v.

Addy and Mat when to the bedroom, they change into their pj's and went to bed instantly.










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