friends with benifits

Addy woods have two guy best friends, Mat Dawnsen and Javen jules. all of them had been best friends since preschool, what will happen when addy has feelings for one of them? will the other one get hurt or will all of the stay as friends? find out.....


9. Get away from me!

Addy's p.o.v.

I woke to the sun hitting my face, I turned around and saw a sleeping Mat. I kissed him on the forehead and got ready for school. Since I already took a shower last night, I just have to do my face and put on some clothes. I wore mint skinny jeans, Strip black and white top, white peep toe platforms, and a jean jacket. I did my usual makeup and put some jewelry on which was pearl earrings and a choker necklace. After I was looking into my mirror fixing my hair which was in my room, I saw a naked Mat. I just chuckle at him when he came closer behind me and kiss my neck.

Addy: *laughs* mat get dress

Mat: ok ok *kisses Addy's cheek* 

As soon Mat got ready we were off to school. When we arrive on campus, Megan walked to me and gave me a note. She whisper in my ear to tell me to go to the the girls locker room, I was about to question her but before I could she walked away. Mat had an "what the fuck was that face?"I did what I was told and gone to the locker room. As soon I was in there, I knew it was a stupid idea. Who the fuck was going to be in here with me? Mat didn't follow me, I was about to leave when a hand covered my mouth. I tried to kick and scream of who ever was doing this, I swear If Mat was doing this He's gonna be slap! The person let me turn around and I couldn't believe my eyes. James was the one who gave the note to Megan and almost tried to kidnapped me! James came closer and closer until my back hit a wall, he trapped me and I have nowhere to go.

James: hey there babe

Addy: what the hell do you want asshole...

James: isn't it obvious, I want you back

Addy: well it's a little late for that, excuse me

James: it's never too late to get what you want babe

Addy: just please, move out of my god damn way

James: you're a little miss potty mouth aren't you

Addy: move it!

James: *kisses addy's lips roughly*

Addy: *muffles*

James: mmm you taste so good

Addy: please stop...

James: now let's see what you look like underneath all of those clothes...

Addy: nooo

James: *strips of Addy clothes excepts undergarments*

James: like how I remember...

Addy: *wraps arms around her body*

James: *looks through Addy's bag* ah here it is...

Addy: what are you doing with my phone...

James: say hi to the camera...

Addy: don't record me please, who are gonna send this to...

James: I was gonna send it to the whole school, but I rather send it to your boyfriend *smirks* 

Addy: *whispers* mat

James: look at you, I know Mat hits that body of yours every single night doesn't he

Addy: give my phone back please


Addy: yes he does now give my phone and my clothes

James: tell how often does he fuck you...

Addy: james please stop this blackmailing...

James: I swear if you don't tell me...

Addy: mostly every night...

James: *chuckles and walks up to Addy*

Addy: what are you doing...

James: you're gonna show me how he fucks you

Addy: no

James: come on Addy


James: *sighs* I didn't have to do this *turns the camera towards him and Addy

James: *kisses Addy's neck*

Addy: stop this now!

James: *finger fucks Addy's pussy*

Addy: *moans* stop

James: you like that baby...

Addy: please don't send this...

James: Mat if you're watching this, break up with Addy and I'll leave her alone

Addy: James no, don't do this

James: *sends the video*

James: too late Addy...

Addy: screw you James...

James: i like to screw your fucking brains out

Addy: give me my clothes and phone please

James: here, I hope mat watches the video *chuckles*

Addy: *cries*

Mat's p.o.v.

The bell rang to go to our first class, when I went to the class room there was no sign of Addy. She never skips a class except If shes sick or something else. English was more boring without Javin and Addy here. I was listening to music on my phone until i got a message from Addy. when I open up my message app, Addy sent me a video. I played the video and saw Addy almost naked, then I hear a familiar voice. While watching the video, my blood was boiling and I stormed out of class to find Addy. In the video she was in the locker room, i was walking towards the locker room until I found Addy sitting on the bleachers. I joined her and comfort her. Addy told me what happen before James send the video. When I was about to get up from the bleachers, Addy stood up and kisses my neck. When she done that, I calmed down a bit. I picked her up bridal style and walk down from the bleachers. Addy wanted to get away from school and from James, we went to the nearest hotel and booked a room.  As soon as we got into our room, we rip each others clothes off. Soon we were on the bed naked and making out.

Addy: mmm Mat

Mat: *kisses Addy's neck*

Addy: never leave me *moans*

Mat: I love you too much to do that babe

Mat: get on top of me babe

Addy: *gets on top of Mat*

Mat: *grunts and puts hands on Addy's hips*

Addy: oohhh yes

Mat: mmm baby

Addy: oohh yess Mat

Mat: grind on me harder baby

Addy: *grinds harder on Mat*

~ after the sex scene ~

Addy: that was amazing

Mat: I want to ask you something...

Addy: what is it...

Mat: when James was recording you, were you wet 

Addy: ummm

Mat: you were *throws a pillow at Addy*

Addy: hey! *throws pillow back at Mat*

Mat: *laughs* were you wet for me

Addy's p.o.v.

It has been three or five days since Mat and I left the hotel and now we are home. I walked up to my room to take a shower, Mat and I got home around 5:30 in the morning on a Friday. After i got showered, I went to my room to get change. The outfit I wore today was ankle blue jeans, burgundy turtleneck, grey platform booties and I wore my hair in a ponytail. When Mat and I  got ready we hopped in his car and drove off to school. Mat and I were in our class, Javin isn't back from his grandmothers yet. I miss Javin so much, wish he was here with us. The teacher interrupted my thoughts and said something about spring break and doing work over the break. I know spring break is almost here and I'm not doing any damn work over the break. 



Addy's second school outfit

srry for the blurryness


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