friends with benifits

Addy woods have two guy best friends, Mat Dawnsen and Javen jules. all of them had been best friends since preschool, what will happen when addy has feelings for one of them? will the other one get hurt or will all of the stay as friends? find out.....


13. Coming back home

Addy's p.o.v.

I woke up early early than normal and took a shower, after my shower I just put on some adidas sweats, a long grey sweater and slip on some white vans. I didn't do anything special to my, just brush it and put it in a messy bun. I started packing up since we'er leaving Arizona at 8:00 and now it's 6:45, still pretty early. I gonna miss Justin and I can't text him since Mat threw it to the freaking wall but I haven't checked If it was broken or not. My phone was still on the floor, I pick it up and to my surprise it wasn't shattered and I didn't have a protection case. Once I was done packing, I facetime Justin. Finally he answered after the third ring. 

~ facetiming with Addy and Justin ~

Addy: hey baby

Justin: hi cupcake

Addy: is that my new nickname...

Justin: sorry... I shouldn't say that...

Addy: no it's ok, I actually like that

Justin: good, how are you

Addy: I'm good... you?

Justin: kind of sad that you are leaving....

Addy: same.... wish I could stay here with you

Justin: who's that getting up.... is that Mat?

Addy: yes... I got to go, I have to get to the plane

Justin: oh ok, text me when you're back home

Addy: I will....

Justin: laters baby

Addy: *giggles* bye baby

~ ending of facetiming ~

Mat: who was that....

Addy: my mom...

Mat: don't lie Addy

Addy: fine... Justin

Mat's p.o.v.

I woke up to the sound of Addy's voice, I swear If she's talking to that dude. I got up and ask if she was and she straight up lie to my face, and I told her last night theirs going to be consequences If she talks, text, or even meet him she's going to be punish. Since It's 7:22 AM, might has well give her a spanking. I sweet talked her first and then threw her onto the bed, she only have sweats, a sweater on. I only took off her sweats and reveling her lace neon purple underwear, I spanked her 6 times and she was actually moaning. After that little punishment, I started packing the rest of my things. While doing that, Addy came behind me and started to kiss my neck and running her hand on my chest. This women is really asking for this, but I love her anyway since she's hella stubborn and sassy. 

Mat: what are you doing...

Addy: nothing.... just trying not to make you mad or upset baby

Mat: well if you put it that way... come here

Addy: *gets on Mat's lap*

Mat: *kisses Addy roughly*

Javin:*barge into the room* guys It's almost time to go...

Addy: *whispers to Mat* he's right

Mat: ok, get the car please

Javin: ok bro

Mat: funs over baby...

Addy: reminder, i'm still in love with him

Mat: and I don't care, now get your ass outside

Addy: jerk

~ skips flight and meanwhile in Arizona ~

Justin's p.o.v.

I miss her already and while I was thinking about her, I instantly thought of her and Mat actually together. Soon it was getting dark and I'm still imaging about her and Mat. UHG! I hate his damn guts! He dosen't deserves her since he's acting like an asshole, and gets pissed whenever I say something or when Addy says something like it offense him. I heard my phone go off, I walked over to it and to my surprise it's Addy. I picked it up and turn on facetime.

Addy: hey, i'm back home

Justin: awesome and I was thinking about you....

Addy: really?

Justin: yes baby... how was the flight

Addy: oh my god....

Justin: that bad?

Addy: yes but I was mostly sleeping

Justin: of course you would, so what are you doing

Addy: putting on some clothes...

Justin: what kind of clothes *smirks*

Addy: oh you know the usual, shorts and a mint bra

Justin: mmm I can imagine that If you were still here in my room

Addy: am I making you horny....

Justin: I'm so hard just by looking at you babe

Addy: *giggles* how would you fuck me if I was still over there

Justin: really hard where you can't get up the next day

Addy: baby i'm getting so wet...

Justin: I'm sure you are

Mat: *calling Addy across he room*

Justin: who was that?

Addy: *smiles* how hard are you sweety

Justin: very hard....

Justin: play with your pussy babe

Addy: *plays with her pussy and moans very soft*

Justin: yeah just like that

Mat: *get's behind Addy and shuts the computer*

Addy: Hey! why the fuck did you do that and I was in the middle of something...

Mat: I can see that... playing with yourself over the computer for your boyfriend that your parents don't know of

Mat: mater of fact lemme see if they're awake...

Addy: *gets on knees and begs* please don't... I'll do anything

Mat: really? well in that case do a blowjob

Addy: fuck no

Mat: swearing? like when a girl like you swears and I bet that you are dripping wet

Addy: no i'm not...

Mat: you sure... *slides hands down in Addy's shorts*

Addy: *moans softly* mat... don't....

Mat: It's like and waterfall down here *picks up Addy and throws her over his shoulder*

Addy: Mat what are you...

Mat: *throws Addy onto the bed and pulls down her shorts*

Addy: Mat... no

Mat: *licks and sucks onto Addy's pussy*

Addy: *throws head back* oh my god

Mat: mmm

Addy: fuck me now

Mat: my pleasure...

~ skips after sex ~

Addy: you know you didn't have to be rude when I was skyping him

Mat: it was not rude... you two said your goodbyes then I shut your laptop

Addy: whatever, night

Mat: night baby





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