friends with benifits

Addy woods have two guy best friends, Mat Dawnsen and Javen jules. all of them had been best friends since preschool, what will happen when addy has feelings for one of them? will the other one get hurt or will all of the stay as friends? find out.....


11. Can't get enough of you

Addy's p.o.v.

It's the second week of spring break and It's Friday night. I was thinking me, Mat and Javin could go to a club. Mat disagree but Javin wanted to go, when Javin went to the other room to get freshen up, Mat was looking at me pissed. I ignore him and walk towards the kitchen. While I was trying to get some pudding off a shelf, I could feel breathing down my neck. Mat was really close to me and put his hands on my waist. He asked If I need any help and I said "yes." While he was reaching for the pudding, his crotch was against my ass and I rested my chest on the counter. I can tell I was making him hard, and he knows I'm getting wet myself. When he got my pudding and handed It to me, he whispered In my ears saying, "that's for walking around In purple yesturday." I just ignore him and ate my pudding. An hour later, I got dress. I wore something similar to Harley Quinn's club dress, gold pumps and diamond jewelry. I did a smokey makeup look like before and put on dark red lipstick. After my clothes and makeup, I curled my hair. I got my golden clutch and phone and walk towards the boys in the living room. Soon we were walking into the club, Javin started to walk towards the dance floor and Mat followed. I walk towards the bar and while I was ordering sex on the beach, a familiar voice called my name. I turned around to see Justin, the guy I met when I first came into this club. We hug and we started talking about what we've been doing theses past few weeks. I got to admit Justin Is very handsome, sexy and dangerous. He has dark brown hair, green eyes and he's really tan. I can see the boys dancing over Justin's shoulder, when I took a glance at Mat he was grinding on a red head bitch. Justin notice I was looking at someone, when he was about to turn around I grab the collar of his shirt and kiss him and he kiss back. I broke the make out session, Justin took my hand in his and we walk towards a bathroom. We started to make out again and taking off our clothes.

Justin: nice undergarments

Addy: you like...

Justin: *pulls Addy by the waist* I love it

Addy: *giggles and kisses Justin*

Justin: I wanna fuck you so bad...

Addy: *strips bra and panties off* then go right ahead

Justin: *strips underwear off and enters Addy* ugh

Addy: oooohhhh gooodddd

Justin: like that baby...

Addy: *moans* mmmm

Justin: you're so tight

Addy: *moans* harder...

Justin: *goes harder and deeper*

~ A few minute later after sex ~

Justin's p.o.v.

After Addy and I had sex, I ask her If she wants to do strip dancing and she said yes. My dad owns this strip club and It been pretty boring until Addy came into this club that night. There's a little stage where the strippers dance. The dress that Addy's wearing is perfect for dancing. I sat on a couch and watched Addy strip, she does it better than the other strippers. Two guys came into the room, one was blonde and the other one had black hair. while I was telling them about how this girl Addy was incredible, the black hair guy spotted Addy on stage. Addy walk towards us and sat on my lap. She introduce me to the one named Javin who has blonde hair and the other one was Mat. While she was talking about them, I instantly didn't like this Mat dude. Something with him I don't like at all and I can tell he thinks the same way with me because we were giving each others death glares. When Addy was about to get up, I reached for her wrist and kissed her roughly and she kissed back. While Addy was kissing my cheek, I turned my head to Mat and gave him an evil smirk. Mat stormed put of the room and Javin followed him. An hour later, Addy and I were laughing and talking with some of my friends. I ask If Addy wants to spend the night over at my house tonight and she immediately said yes. We arrive at my house and Addy started stripping off her dress. I clear my throat and walk towards her, when I was about to kiss her there was a knock on the door. I open up the door and Mat slam the door and came into the house.

Mat: Addy c'mon...

Addy: why are you here? did you followed us?

Mat: yes now come on... 

Addy: no...

Mat: Addy I'm not fooling with you...

Justin: hey! she said she doesn't want to go with you!

Mat: *walks towards Justin angrily* she can speak for her self asshole

Addy: Stop!

Justin: c'mon here baby...

Addy: *walks to Justin and hugs him*

Mat: *grabs Addy's wrist* you're coming home with me

Addy: Mat your drunk, just go

Mat: *stares at Addy and kisses her*

Addy: *breaks the kiss* what the hell...

Mat: don't you get.... I can't get enough of you and you feel the same way for me

Addy: I...I'm going to bed

Justin: I'll be there in a minute babe

Justin: look I know you think I'm trouble but I'm not... to be honest I'm in love with her too

Justin: I don't know whats your past with her.... I understand you have feelings with her

Mat: we're friends with benefits...

Justin: really?

Mat: yes and I do love her as well...

Addy: babe, come to bed plz...

Justin: If you actually love her, just let her go man

Mat: you're no good for her, she's mine!

Justin: Listen! If you really know what's best for her, just leave...

Justin: you just want to have her all to yourself..

Mat: that's not true!

Justin: whatever now get out of my house

I walk into the bedroom where I found Addy at the end of the bed. She walked up to me and got on her knees, she's started to unbuckle my jeans and boxers. I guess she heard Mat and I yelling, and wanted to calm me down, Addy could tell I was really pissed off from Mat just barging into my house and forcing Addy to come with him. I didn't even realized Addy was sucking me off, I felt so good. I put my hands on her head and moved her head faster. She's so good at this. She got off her knees and kiss me roughly and I return the favor. Soon we were having rough sex, that the bed actually broke, then we fell asleep.

Addy's p.o.v.

 I woke up by the sun shining on my face. I wasn't really drunk last night so I remember everything quite well. Justin was still sleeping, since we were still naked from last night I got on top of him and started to kiss his neck. He woke up and turned us over, he kissed on my stomach and worked his way down to my area. I grab his hair and tilted my head back. this was so good, soon I came and he licked me off once more. To be honest, I can't get enough of Mat nor Justin. I want and need them really bad. I also can tell Javin isn't to fond with this friends with benefits thing, he just wants to be friends with me and Mat. While I was taking a bath, Justin walked into the bathroom holding my phone. 

Justin: *tilting Addy's phone* someone's obsessed with you

Addy: *giggles* shut up

Justin: *hands Addy her phone*

Addy: thanks *gets out of the tub*

Addy: can you hand me my towel too...

Justin: *hands Addy a towel* what you have on looks fine

Addy: *smirks* 

Justin: check your phone yet...

Addy: no, i'm going to check it later

Justin: ok, where you wanna go today

Addy: maybe the park or...

Justin: or?

Addy: stay here and cuddle...

Justin: hmm maybe go to the park have a picnic there and come back here and cuddle, yeah?

Addy: sounds like a plan *smiles*

Justin: god I love that smile of yours *kisses Addy*

Addy: mmm ok I have to change

Justin: you can borrow my sister's clothes...

Addy: you have a sister?

Justin: yeah, she's 19 and I'm sure both of you are a medium, right?

Addy: sometimes small and medium yeah

~ skips to the park ~

Addy's p.o.v.

After Justin and I finish our lunch we decided to take a stroll, while we were walking Mat spotted us. I hold onto Justin's arms tighter and he notice I was a little scared of Mat. Mat soon caught up to us and snatch me away from Justin. I decided not to fight with Mat and just go with him. Soon, we were at the hotel and Javin was out with a girl he met, Its just me and Mat the rest of the day. It was dark a little after and I started to change into something sexier for Justin. I really do love Justin but, something about Mat makes me get shills for some reason. My hair was still curley and put it in a ponytail, I wore a tight pink crop-top and black shorts. While I was getting my makeup done, Mat came into the room and notice what I was doing. He reach for my wrist and slap me. When he slap me I didn't even shed a tear because I know why he did that.

Mat: you're not gonna see him

Addy: fuck off 

Mat: excuse me?!

Addy: *walks closer to mat* I said fuck off....

Mat: I think someone wants to play

Addy: what do you mean by play?

Mat: *unbuckles jeans*

Addy: what the...*gets cut off by Mat*

Mat: shut up and get on yours knees

Addy: no

Mat: *grabs Addy by the throat*

Addy: ok...ok I'll do it just stop hurting me

Mat: good girl

Addy: *deep throats Mat*

Mat: yes baby

Addy: you like that..

Mat: Addy I can't get enough of you....

No one's p.o.v.

Mat and Addy had rough sex and fell asleep in each others arms that night.




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