The Flame

The Angels took everything from Sanji. And now she will take it back from them. Her journey from a child to the leader of a disaster.


2. The First Sparks


Kadai- Sanji's little sister- planted a kiss on her sister's face. Sanji smiled at her, running a hand through the younger girl's hair. 

"Let me get the door, Kai."

She stood, walking quickly to the door.

Sanji's home was small- barely a hut. She could cross the entire room in a few strides. The floor was cold, hard dirt, and the walls were made of old near-rotted wood that creaked and groaned in the wind, and let in terrible drafts. The entire family slept on mats, and bought food with the small amount of coin that her parents earned from working in one of the angel's forges. When that source wasn't enough, Sanji stole what she could.

The house had barely any heating, and in the winter they all had to huddle together for warmth. In the long nights, what little heat there was would be sucked straight out of the roof. But it was better than what some others had. Many of Sanji's friends slept on the streets. Sanji did her best to help them- slipping past the angel sentinels that patrolled her town, and bringing them a few coins. It never did enough, but at least she tried.

Sanji reached the small door, and pulled it open. Instantly, a gust of hot summer air burst into the room, along with the blinding rays of the sun. Sanji blinked repeatedly, letting her eyes adjust. When they had, she finally focused on the figure at the door.

Her breath caught in her lungs. A tall, beautiful woman stood at the door, studying Sanji with cold, calculating eyes.

Beautiful wasn't the right word to describe this woman. She looked sculptured, like a statue. Her features were too perfect- too aligned- to be human. And folded behind her back were two golden wings. An angel.

Sanji's heart raced with sudden panic. Her parents were not here. It was just her and Kadai. The angel would know this. What did she want?

"Sanjiria Feylan?"

Sanji's father's words echoed in her head. Don't make eye contact with them. In fact, don't look at them at all. Look at the ground, and no matter what, don't get angry. Speak quietly and submissively. Do not offer opinions. Say what they want you to say. Even if they are wrong- agree with them. Make yourself invisible. Then they will leave you alone.

She dropped her eyes to the ground instantly. "Your Brilliance. What may I do for you?"

The angel's voice was hard and vicious as she spoke. "Is your name Sanjiria Feylan, child?"


"The daughter of Alaran Feylan and Sharisa Feylan?"


"Who is the other girl?"

Sanji glanced up for a second, her eyes flicking across the room to Kadai, who sat where Sanji had left her, eyes wide.

"Kadaira Feylan, your brilliance."

"Has she been taught no respect?"

Sanji's pulse picked up even further. "Your Brilliance?"

"She does not avert her eyes in the presence of an angel."

Various events flashed through Sanji's mind in an instant. Friends on the street- beaten for looking at an angel. Someone killed for not showing the proper respect. And suddenly, she is afraid for her sister.

"Pay her no mind, Your Brilliance. She is a simple child- nothing more."

"She still must learn respect for her elders. Come here, child."

Kadai's eyes widened with terror, but she stood and approached the angel, quickly dropping her eyes to the ground. "Your Brilliance... please... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you. Please forgive me."

"You will face your punishment. Then you will be forgiven, child."

"Please, your brilliance!" Sanji begged. The thought of Kadai being punished by this angel terrified her. Her sister could die. But she was not brave enough to face the punishment herself.

"Silence, girl!"

Sanji bit her lip, falling silent.

Kadai stopped before the angel, eyes wide and pleading. The angel was unmoved.


Kadai obeyed, head down. Sanji was shoved out of the way. She stumbled and fell, her head smacking back against the wall. She let out a soft groan of pain, raising her head to look at Kadai- to try and encourage her sister somehow.

"Kadaira Feylan," the angel drawled. "You are hereby under arrest for thievery."

Sanji's eyes widened, and she tried to pull herself to her feet. Thievery? The angel had said she was punishing her for lack of respect. Had that been a trap? How could this happen? This angel though Kadai had stolen something? 

"And the punishment for crimes committed are death." She drew her dagger. "I am here to arrest you, and deal out the punishment."

Sanji leapt to her feet, eyes wide. "No!" she blurted.

The angel turned. "What?"

"It wasn't her!" Sanji blurted. "It was me!" She had no idea what the angel was talking about- perhaps all the small thefts she had committed?- but she could not see Kadai punished for it. "You lied to her!" she kept going. "She thought this was just a punishment for lack of respect. Please, don't kill her. Take me instead. I am the one that committed the crime."

The angel paused. Her solid black eyes met Sanji's, and held them there in a vicious stare. "I should kill you for disrespect, and committing a crime. But honesty is one of the holiest and most honorable traits that we encourage in you humans. For this, your punishment will be suspended. However, you are under arrest."

Sanji bowed her head, masking her relief with humility. "Yes, your brightness."

That was when the disaster happened. 

As Sanji walked forwards, Kadai let out a scream, and lunged forwards, at the angel.

"KADAI!" Sanji screamed, her head snapping up in time to see her sister tackle the angel. "NO!"

"She'll kill you!" Kadai screamed. "Run, Sanji!"

The angel cursed under her breath, and there was a flash of metal. And then Kadai fell to the floor, lifeless.

Sanji froze with shock, eyes wide. Staring at her sister's dead body. Her sister had just died trying to help her.

Her vision went red with fury. Blood roared in her ears, as she watched the angel stand over her sister's lifeless body, with a dark smirk of satisfaction. Scrabbling for something behind her, her hand met the cold, hard metal of one of their kitchen knives. Without a second thought, she hurled it at the angel with a hollow cry.

It shouldn't have hurt the angel. It should have missed, or been deflected. But it didn't. 

Silver blood- the blood of the angels- welled up around the knife. The angel looked down at it with a soft gasp. And then she collapsed- the life leaving her black eyes.

The room was silent.

"No..." Sanji whispered. "No no no no no...."

What have I done?!

Sanji bolted out the door and ran, never looking back.

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