Beat up

Ethan Thomas Gallagher has never been a pussy. He's hardcore, a first class badass. Until Pete Nelson comes along and fucks up E.T's already fucked up life. And that's just the start.



18. You stupid ass!

"Congratulations. Graduation, big thing. I never did, dropped out as a senior. " Pete laughs and empties his drink. Lip doesn't smile back. "Thanks Nelson. Long time no see. " Lip looks up at them with a disapproving glare. Ethan runs a hand through his hair, looking down at his socks. They're mismatched, filled with holes. "Well, spend some time in bed. Rough couple of weeks. " Lip nods, his eyes fastened on Ethan: "Can we talk, E? " Ethan looks up at Pete. "You don't need his approval ya shithead. Now come on. "

Pete hesitates to let go of his arm, but Lip manages to. drag him away to the dark, and quiet, upstairs bathroom. "What the actual fuck is going on, E? We beat that guy up weeks ago! What are you doing together? Holding hands and shit! " Ethan straightens his back: "I overreacted, Lip. We're gettin' back together. " Lip looks at him with a face that screams; 'YOU STUPID ASS!' I do understand what he means, but he's wrong, blinded by his overprotective behaviour when it comes to his siblings. They were a little bit alike on that point. "You were never together, Ethan. " He looks down at his brother, and green eyes meet blue ones: "You know nothing about me. About us, Phillip. " Lip's furious, that's clear: "Fine, but don't come whining when he starts beating ya. " Ethan shrugs: "He won't, he promised me. Said he was sorry. That he loves me. " Lip storms out. Ethan follows him to the top of the stairs. He can hear Lip yelling at Pete, and then doors slamming. He goes back to his room.

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