Beat up

Ethan Thomas Gallagher has never been a pussy. He's hardcore, a first class badass. Until Pete Nelson comes along and fucks up E.T's already fucked up life. And that's just the start.



19. Take care.

"E.T. Wake up. " He opens his eyes, and grunt when he sees Ian's face: "Man, what time is it? Waaaaay to early. " Ians face is neutral, or he just can't see anything in the dark room. "I'm sorry Ethan. Take care. " Ethan furrows his brow and stretches: "What the hell are you talking bout'? " Ian's already dressed, and he has a bag over his shoulder: "Where are you going, Ian? " He sits up and hits his head against the ceiling: "Fuck! " Ian smirks at him: "I'm leaving town. Signing up. Don't tell them, E. I just have to get away. " Ethan shrugs: "I might be moving in with Pete. He got his own place now. Just turned 18. " Ian frowns, but one death stare from his twin keeps him quiet. "Deal. You don't tell, I don't tell. " Ethan nods: "Impulsive fuck. Take care. " Ian grins and walks out.

Ethan stares after him. Signing up for the military normally had an age limit, but he presumed his brother had found a way out of that. He'd probably dropped out of school to. A shame. On the other hand he would not have to share his graduation like he'd shared every special occasion ever. Not that he cared, he usually kept the fuck away from parties. Didn't want to get in trouble. He heard the front door open, and then slam shut. He crawled to the floor and looked out the window at his twin. Ian looked up at him and waved once before he left.

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