Beat up

Ethan Thomas Gallagher has never been a pussy. He's hardcore, a first class badass. Until Pete Nelson comes along and fucks up E.T's already fucked up life. And that's just the start.



28. Just this once?

Peter Nelson's fist flies through the air, and the sound of skin against skin echoes through the apartment. Ethan is shaking, and raises his arms to protect himself. He can't think. Pete PROMISED that things had changed. That they were in love. That he was safe. "Now, listen up ya slut, i don't have time for you being a crybaby, okay? So get dressed and get in the car. " Peter storms out the door. As soon as the door closes behind him Ethan raises his hand to the red mark his lovers fist left. "Um, what just happened? Are you alright? " He nods, and lowers his gaze from the door to the floor: "Yeah. Imma go put some clothes on. " He's jumping in a pair of shorts behind the curtain when Shane leaves the room. He finds a clean tank and runs a brush trough his orange hair before following the two men out on the street. What he finds is not at all what he expected. Pete is laying unconscious on the pavement with his hands cuffed, while Shane is standing with one hand on his hip, talking into his phone: "Yeah, I KNOW it's saturday morning. I'm aware that you're not on call. Yeah, just this once. Oli, be logical, I'd never get a car out here at this our. Yeah. Thanks. See ya. " Shane ends the call and looks up at Ethan with an emotionless face and cold eyes: "I'm a cop. Also, violence IS a crime, against popular beliefs. " The left side of the red headed boys face is hot and painful. He can feel an black eye forming. "No, no, I'm fine, it was a mistake, he's a little hot tempered. Don't bring him to the station, he did nothing wrong. " Shane shakes his head: "I do not believe you. "

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