Beat up

Ethan Thomas Gallagher has never been a pussy. He's hardcore, a first class badass. Until Pete Nelson comes along and fucks up E.T's already fucked up life. And that's just the start.



23. How's that fair?

"Mr. Gallagher! Are you paying attention? " Ethan looks up from his notebook, where he's been actually taking notes, for once, instead of drawing. "Yes, of course I am, sir. " His English teacher looks over the edge of his glasses: "Really? Good, then you'll have no problem writing 5 pages on it. My desk by Monday. Enjoy your weekend. " His classmates begins to gather their things and leave while Ethan keeps sitting at his table: "Excuse me, sir, but I can't finish this assignment over the weekend! I have plans. " His teacher grabs his bag: "You should've thought about that. " Ethan grins, disbelieving: "So my siblings can skip school for weeks at a time with no punishment, yet when I do nothing wrong, I get more homework. How's that fair? " Ethan stuffs his things in his backpack: "You're held to a higher standard, Mr. Gallagher. You'll just have to miss this rave, there'll be others. You have potential, not like your siblings. " Ethan rolls his eyes: "Rig-thy. Listen, I have to make money. I could've dropped out, but so far I've been able to manage. I have a ton of homework, I can't manage this! " His teacher holds the door open for him: "Maybe you should cut down on your work then. " Ethan walks out, staring at his feet: "Monday, Gallagher. "

Ethan leaves the building, already stressing over the assignment. At least he has his notes. "Hey babe. " Peter's waiting for him: "Oh, hey, Pete. I thought you were working? " He places a quick kiss on his lips. Pete gives him a light nudge in the chest. He pulls away, feeling a little offended. "Don't you want to see me? " Pete pouts. Ethan looks to his feet and nods: "Of course I do, Pete. You just said- " Pete crosses his arms. "I don't have to tell you everything. " Ethan looks after him when he gets in his car. Pete honks at him before he drives away. Ethan stomps away. He's just so sick of people.

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