2. Roads

The main road overlooking my house is a busy one.

Built over the remains of the grand manor of a local aristocrat 57 years ago, I remember studying it extensively in school. Not that it was the most interesting place around here, just the closest and most convenient for a fund-starved primary school.

How stupid is seems now...

How much I used to care about everything we did in school. How much I used to care about Father's stupid warnings about crossing the road and Mother reminding me about manners and how we act in public. How much I used to care about what my friends thought about me. How much I used to care about grades and homework and my future when my future should've been about thinking first about the present and later about jobs and money. 

Because however much I cared, I still ended up in the same place facing the same problems crossing the same old road. It doesn't help the traffic light has not worked properly for as long as I can remember. 

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