Just Your Personal Maid

Sofia was only in highschool but needed some extra cash. To keep her and her and her brother alive. Sofia and her brother lost their parents at a yound age. Sofia was only 14 and her brother was only 8. Her aunts and uncles did help her out. But when she turned 18, they kicked her and her brother out cause they said she wasn't young anymore and that she dan take care of her and her brother. Sofia looked for a job an eventually came across a job. A job with a boss that was a big-headed, famou and a complete arrogant jerk. His name was Harry Styles and he was a member of One Direction. The band took a break so that each member could finish their studies even for just highschool. Since Harry was new again for school, he needed a maid to help him. A personal maid. That's where Mark helped Sofia get the job. While doing her job, she found him arrogant an rude, which sofia hated to death. But, the longer she kept her job, they more they felt like she was doing something else than a job.


2. Hi!

Hi! my name is Sofia Athena Hilvano but most of my friends call me Sofia, Sof or Sophie. None of them call me Athena cause they knew why. It was because my mother's name was Athena and, my mum and dad died 5 years ago. When I was 14 and when my brother, Joshua or Josh was 8. I'm now 19 and Josh's 13. We both study at Metro Politant University of London ( not real and made up ). Our parents dies because some maniac was driving like crazy and hit them. They said the person ran away once they crashed to our parents. I swore from then on that if I ever meat that person, I will never let him/ her be happy again. I can't bear to see him/ her happy while we suffered

Jason and I were helped by our aunts and uncles but kicked us out when we turned 18 and 12. They said we weren't young kids anymore an had to learn to take care of ourselves. Jason and I live at an apartment near by our school. I'm a scholar and I try my best to make Jason one too, but he's not really into studying as much as I am so I'm only paying for his tuition, which would have been a big save.

I currently don't have a job cause I lost my job at Mc.Donalds for being late cause of school

I almost forgot to describe myself and my brother.

My brother has black hair with bangs and heart shaped lips with rosy cheeks and brown, hazel eyes like our mum's

I have blonde curly hair, like my mum's, same heart shaped lips, same rose cheeks but I had green emerald eyes like my dad's.

Anyway, my story begind with One's Upon A Time- No just kidding, my life isn't a fairytale. It's far from that.

But, no matter how tragic mine and my brother's life become, we're still smilling faces because we stand by our parents words:

" Live Life To The Fullest Kids, You Never Know What It Will Bring, But I'm Pretty Sure It's Something Amazing. Just Keep Waiting For The Right Thing To Happen "

" You Cannot Please Everyone, So Please Yourself And Pleasing Everyone Else Will Matter Less "

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