Just Your Personal Maid

Sofia was only in highschool but needed some extra cash. To keep her and her and her brother alive. Sofia and her brother lost their parents at a yound age. Sofia was only 14 and her brother was only 8. Her aunts and uncles did help her out. But when she turned 18, they kicked her and her brother out cause they said she wasn't young anymore and that she dan take care of her and her brother. Sofia looked for a job an eventually came across a job. A job with a boss that was a big-headed, famou and a complete arrogant jerk. His name was Harry Styles and he was a member of One Direction. The band took a break so that each member could finish their studies even for just highschool. Since Harry was new again for school, he needed a maid to help him. A personal maid. That's where Mark helped Sofia get the job. While doing her job, she found him arrogant an rude, which sofia hated to death. But, the longer she kept her job, they more they felt like she was doing something else than a job.


4. Chapter 2

Sofia's POV

Tomorrow was Saturday so I had time to look for a new job. I couldn't just sit here and not look for a job. Our life is depending on me now. It's not just me I need to feed, I also have my brother.

I picked up my brother from his detention, and lectured him on the way home. I hated the fact that he was alnost always in detention. I loved him to death but, his grades are decreasing because of his detentions.

We went home through the Subway. Even if our school was near our apartment, it wasn't walking distance.

Once we got back to our apartment, I told my brother to do his homework so he could play tomorrow with his friends. I thought about dropping him off at one of his friend's house while I look for a job

~~The Next Day~~

The next day, I dropped Josh off his friend's house to play. After I dropped him off, I went all around London trying to find a job that would accept a working student. But unfortunately, I had no luck

The day was coming to an end when I stopped my tracks because of a sign. It literally caught my attention. It said:



Personal Maid

Requirments are:

Female, hard-working, respectful, no boyfriend and is studying or finished highschool and knows schoolwork

For more information call:

0925-678-9989 ( fake number ) '

That was basically describing me! Finally!

I went to a coffee shop that was near by. I ordered a latte and took my phone out. I snapped a picture of the sign so I know the number to call

I called it and after a few rings, someone answered

" Hello good afternoon "- Unknown

" Hello, my name is Sofia Athena Hilvano and I want to apply for the personal maid job " - Sofia

" Oh sure. Be at South-West London Eye tomorrow and please bring your birth certificate, FBI clearance and an Identification Card. Also, please be there at 3:00 afternoon sharp "- Unknown

" Thank you "- Sofia

I hung up and smiled, if this interview goes well, I'll have a job and be able to pay all our needs.

I got my latte and went out of the coffee shop just in time to spill it all over a stranger and me

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