Just Your Personal Maid

Sofia was only in highschool but needed some extra cash. To keep her and her and her brother alive. Sofia and her brother lost their parents at a yound age. Sofia was only 14 and her brother was only 8. Her aunts and uncles did help her out. But when she turned 18, they kicked her and her brother out cause they said she wasn't young anymore and that she dan take care of her and her brother. Sofia looked for a job an eventually came across a job. A job with a boss that was a big-headed, famou and a complete arrogant jerk. His name was Harry Styles and he was a member of One Direction. The band took a break so that each member could finish their studies even for just highschool. Since Harry was new again for school, he needed a maid to help him. A personal maid. That's where Mark helped Sofia get the job. While doing her job, she found him arrogant an rude, which sofia hated to death. But, the longer she kept her job, they more they felt like she was doing something else than a job.


12. Chapter 10 ( Part 1-First Day )

Sofia's POV

" That little bastard! Who does he think he is anyway? " I huffed while putting my hair in a ponytail. Unfortunately, I had to go to school with that bastard over there

" Hurry up in there. I don't wanna be late " he called for me while I rolled my eyes

" You just wanna get a glimpse of the girls " I whispered to myself while getting my bag and hopping down the stairs to see him in a white t-shirt, brown blazer, black jeans and black sneakers.

" Happy? " I asked very irritated while he looked at my knee-lenght floral dress, white jacket, white sneakers and stripped socks

" Something's missing for your nerdy look " he said and took out some of my books, placed them on top of my hands and took out some over-sized glasses and place them on my eyes " Perfect " he said and laughed his way to his car, how arrogant and rude can he be?!

I took the glasses off and placed it and my books back on my bag while catching up to him. I hopped on the very back of his car, which is a limo.

~~At School~~

" Hop down from the back, I don't want anyone seeing me with you " he said while stepping out of his limo

" You'll get mobbed " I said and he sighed, he knew I was right

" Fine, but just don't let me get mobbed and get me inside my first class, which is with you, safely " he said and I noded whole hopping off

As guessed, he got mobbed after we got out of his limo. Ofcourse the girls called me a ' slut ', ' whore ', ' bitch ' and a lot more, which hurt, but I needed to hide how much it hurt me.

This is gonna be the longest day. I swear. Atleast I'm gonna see Josh, right?

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