Just Your Personal Maid

Sofia was only in highschool but needed some extra cash. To keep her and her and her brother alive. Sofia and her brother lost their parents at a yound age. Sofia was only 14 and her brother was only 8. Her aunts and uncles did help her out. But when she turned 18, they kicked her and her brother out cause they said she wasn't young anymore and that she dan take care of her and her brother. Sofia looked for a job an eventually came across a job. A job with a boss that was a big-headed, famou and a complete arrogant jerk. His name was Harry Styles and he was a member of One Direction. The band took a break so that each member could finish their studies even for just highschool. Since Harry was new again for school, he needed a maid to help him. A personal maid. That's where Mark helped Sofia get the job. While doing her job, she found him arrogant an rude, which sofia hated to death. But, the longer she kept her job, they more they felt like she was doing something else than a job.


3. Chapter 1

Sofia's POV

I had the absolute worst day of school today, and school wasn't even finished.

I got fired from Mc. Donalds because of always being late, Josh got detention for leading the food fight at the canteen and I had to pass our project in 30 minutes, and I haven't even started yet!

I was at the library finishing my ' Practical Arts ' project. Our teacher told us to draw a 3D elephant. They said I had good drawing skills, which I think I got from both my parents. It could have been possible for me to draw a 3D elephant if I had a day or two to finish it. But I only had 30 minutes.

I was trying to finish the 3D effect when someone snached it from me. The hands were smaller than mine. Josh

" Josh, give that back, I need to finish it in 30 minutes " I said while facing him " can I just pass this as my homework? our teacher told us to draw an animal " he said while I crossed my arms " no, it' your homework, you can do it now and I'll help you " I said and snached it back while he pouted and took a seat next to me

He got out a pencil and paper and started drawing a dog. He loved dogs while I was more on the cat side. I just think they're really cute, fluffy, fun to be with and vulnerable. Something I was before

I finished mine the same time as he did

" Sofia, can you make this better? " he asked while giving me his drawing " sure " I said and took it from him.

I took out my charcoal pencil and tried to make the 3D effect on his drawing, which I think successfully did

" Here you go Josh " I said and he miled as a thank you. I got up an took my things and went to my next class. I had ' Practical Arts ' next with Mr. Peña. I loved ' Practical Arts ', just a thing of mine and my brother's I guess


Hey guys! Here's another movella and I hope you like this chapter and my past movellas. ILYGSM!

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