As Your Bestfriend

Sofia Hilvano and Harry Styles were bestmates since primary school. Their parents were bestfriends so it was impossible for them not to be. Although they were bestfriends, they never really dated or developed any feelings for each other. They were almost the same, like boy and girl versions of one another. But both were blind to see that. Harry dated tons of girl including her present girlfriend, Taylor Swift. But Taylor was a bit on the jealous side of everything. She was always jealous of how Sofia and Harry bonded, it almost killed her. Anyway, as bestfriends, they needed to support each other, no matter how it killed them. But, could supporting each other in everything make them happy, or hurt becase they know it's not real?


9. Unexpected BFP

Sofia's POV

I was still at the park sitting on the bench. I never moved from that spot. Mostly because I enjoyed it there, so much.

I was in deep thought. I was thinking about some things. Mostly me and Harry. What if we weren't bestfriend? What if he was never famous? What if we became more than bestfriends?

I shook all that off, especially the last one. I kept sitting and enjoying everything. It was nice to finally get out and have some fresh air. Not just being stuck in your own fashion studio, which I'm not complaining about

While I was sitting there, I felt someone sit next to me too. I shift uncomftably and looked at who it was. It was a guy with black hair, tanned skin and with bangs. He kinda looked, hot

" Hi, I'm Pena " he said and outstrech his hand " hi, I'm Sofia " I said and shook his hand " yeah, I remember you " he said and his smile grew bigger " huh? " I asked and he squinted " you don't remember me? I was your partner back in highschool for the Science project " he said and it hit me. It was Pena! It was Pena! " Pena! " I exclaimed and hugged him

Facts about Pena and me back in highschool. I kinda had a crush on him back then, Harry didn't know actually. When we were partnered up for the Science Project, I felt soooo lucky I could flip at that time. We kinda became friends after that, but not bestfriends.

But this was so unexpected. A blast from the past I think. Soooo unexpected, yet it made me sooooo happy


Hey guy! So do you think a love affair will accur? Let me know in the comments below. Anyway, yay or nay? Comment down below and ILYGSM!

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