As Your Bestfriend

Sofia Hilvano and Harry Styles were bestmates since primary school. Their parents were bestfriends so it was impossible for them not to be. Although they were bestfriends, they never really dated or developed any feelings for each other. They were almost the same, like boy and girl versions of one another. But both were blind to see that. Harry dated tons of girl including her present girlfriend, Taylor Swift. But Taylor was a bit on the jealous side of everything. She was always jealous of how Sofia and Harry bonded, it almost killed her. Anyway, as bestfriends, they needed to support each other, no matter how it killed them. But, could supporting each other in everything make them happy, or hurt becase they know it's not real?


4. Fun Designs

Sofia's POV

While Harry put up the rest of my things in the studio, making mistakes here and there a lot of times. For example, he put the fabric and silk ON the maniquen. Undertsandable though, my fabric and silk rack was almost full, ALMOST

I was still at my design table drawing the bluprint for the designs I want for my new studio. Like, I want to have silk curtains with trendy oatterns, strips with polka dots on the end maybe.

I was drawing the sign ontop of my studio when I heard a loud bang from upstairs, which I planned to be a store.

I quickly ran up the stairs and saw that my box full of old clothes was dropped to the floor, next to Harry who carried 3 more boxes in his hands

" See, that's what happens when you carry too many things at the same time " I said trying to sound dissapointed when the truth is I wanted to break out laughing " yeah sorry about that, but these are all old clothes and you said to put the all in one place " hes said and I rolled my eyes while sighning. I picked up the box and decided to help Harry up here

~~4 Hours Later~~

" Ok! That's enough for one day! " Harry exclaimed while dropping a box full of pictures that might just inspire me " yeah, these can wait until tomorrow " I said while dropping the box I was holding.

" Wanna grab a coffee? " Harry asked while waljing over to me " yeah, coffee sounds good " I said while we made our way down to ny studio lobby.

Once we got down, we saw Taylor looking at my designs on my design table


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