Tokyo Ghoul Manga theories

Tokyo Ghoul is one of my favorite anime and manga series of all time. Ishida Sui is an amazing writing and his story and art design for Tokyo Ghoul is a masterpiece. This will be my thoughts and theories on different things that have happened in the series. Warning this is for people, who, like me have read the whole Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul: Re Manga series. I will also probably mention the anime as well. Do Not Read This if you haven't caught up on all.


2. How do you feel about Amon's character and his death? Is he really dead?



                                              This world is wrong. And it's you monsters that are distorting it!

                                                       — Koutarou Amon, Tokyo Ghoul Chapter 25


  In my opinion Amon was a pretty good character. I enjoyed the fact that he was struggling with his thoughts on ghouls. Though at the same time he still puts his all in his work. He struggled with his past where he was raised in a foster home by, Donato Porpora, who ran an orphanage where he preyed on children and gained the nickname the priest. He was a strong and loyal fighter who didn't waver from his duties. That is until he met Kaneki. To me each moment they came to confrontation he questioned more and more what is right in the world. I also thought that the fact that Amon was the first one to get dirt on the CCG makes him an even more important character to the Tokyo Ghoul: Re Manga. His death we didn't see and I don't know about you but after seeing Takizawa being brought back as a ghoul My brother and I immediantly knew he was coming back. And after seeing Tokyo Ghoul: Re Chapter 87, where it ended with Akira being held in the air by Takizawa it's the perfect time to show us that he is still alive.


  If that is true  then I think that we will see him coming to Akira's rescue and I see an eventual Kaneki and Amon confrontation again. This time though I hope there will be more of an understanding between him. I really hope that Amon will end up on the Ghouls side when it's all said and done. What are your guys thoughts? Let me know down in the comments.



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