Bad Boys love Good Girls

Olivia: Stuck up good girl. Bad family life. Madly In love with Calum, but won't admit to it.

Calum: immature party boy. Bad family life. Madly in love with Olivia, but won't admit to it.

They find themselves finally realizing they need each other.


2. Calums House

"So how are things with your dad?" Calum asks. I don't know why, he knows I won't say anything.

"Er... The usual. I guess. "I say awkwardly.

We were in his car, driving to his house. Why did I skip school with him? Oh yeah, because he's fucking hot.

"Oh..." He says at first, "sorry that I asked. "

"Hm. " I really did t want to talk about my relationship with my father.

But who would if their father was never around but when he was he beat the hair out of you. The marks showed too. That's how Calum knows. He never fucking leaves me alone but he promised not to tell anyone.

"Okay look, I know you hate talking about it but we need too. " he says snapping me put of my thoughts.

"Know we don't this has nothing to do with you Calum. " I snap back.

"I know but... Believe it or not I really care about you.." He hesitates.

"I'm fine. I'll be gone to college in a couple of years. I'm fine. " I say still a bit shocked by Calums words.

He stops and I realize we are at his house.

I step out of his car and we walk into the house.

His house is big. Luckily his parents aren't home.

"Have a seat. I'll get you a drink."

Before I could say anything he was gone.

I sit on his couch and begin to look around. I see old soccer pictures from when he was 10. I remember thats the first time I met him.

Before he was just a regular kid. He lived sports. When he grew up we stopped talking. He started hanging out with Ashton, Michael, and Luke. I do t know them that well, but I do know that they don't like me. They make that very obvious...

"Hey here you go" he hands me a coke.

"Uh thanks." I say.

"Hows your mom?" He asks.

"Shes fine, I guess. She works at night so I so don't see her that often. " I answer. I hate talking about my mom. The truth is, my mom got a night job so she could stay away from my dad. I understand. And I'm happy she did this. I just wish I could do the same.

"I really miss talking to you Olivia. " Calum confesses.

I think about lying. I think about joking and telling him I wish I could say the same. But I don't.

"I... Really missed talking to you too. It's just weird.. I guess. "

"Yeah thats true. I honestly miss being friends with you. Back in the good old days. "He laughs and playfully punches arm.

I laugh too, "yeah me too... What ever happened?"

"I don't know... School? High school was crazy. I guess thats where we drifted apart. " he answers, " but it isn't to late. Look, I know you don't like my friends but they really aren't that bad.. I think if they got to know you-"

"I don't think so Calum... Plus I prefer being alone..." I lie, "I wouldn't want to embarrass you in front of your cool friends." I kind of laughs at the end and I'm shocked when he does too.

"Ha trust me they are actually a bunch of idiots. "You would like 'em"

I don't know what to say. At this point I'm done arguing.

After a long moment of silence he finally speaks.

"So I guess this isn't the moment tell you that they are coming over?"

"What!? All of them!? Michael!?" I yell.

"Its fine! Its fine! They are actually really happy to hang out with you!" He sighs," please give them a chance Olivia. "

How am I suppose to say know to that voice?

I look up at his face to see his puppy eyes. I laugh.

"Fine! But if they start to be dicks I'm gone. Okay?"

"Yayyy! Okay!"

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