Love The Girl

When a rebellious teenage girl is sent to the country to live with her uncle for the the summer,she meets this boy named harry but he had secrets she didn't didn't know that would out her life in danger..

please note this story is from my wattpad account so dont mind the jackiesunn part!


2. Chapter 2: Violet

Once i was done getting changed i went downstairs to see a hot guy helping my uncle set up the table. I furrowed my eyebrows and watched.

"What" I calmly said sitting at the table coming off as a bit rude from the tone in my voice.

"Nevermind"my uncle said softly while they sat across from me,i nodded slowly and filled my plate with salad.

"No meat avery?" My uncle said looking at my plate and continued eating.

"Im a vegetarian uncle.." I said lowly while putting a piece of salad in my mouth.

"Since when? you used to eat meat all the time"he said shaking his head as he took a sip of his beer.

"Since 1 year year ago" i stubbornly spat ,he sighed and shook his head more.

"Don't start"

"Im not your making me mad!"i spat as i started to get frustrated.

"Why are you acting like this? What happened to the friendly happy non gothic avery i knew and don't yell at me young lady!"

"Since when are you my dad cause im sure as hell you are not my dad and never will be" i spoke tearing up a little bit,i got up,throwing the napkin on the plate and stormed out of the house.

Rob''s pov

"Im not your making me mad!"Avery shouted.

"Why are you acting like this?don't yell at me young lady!" i yelled father back

"Since when are you my dad cause im sure as hell you are not my dad and will never be" she said gently as hee voice cracked a bit,i looked at her as i saw her eyes tearing up a little bit,she suddenly got up,throwing the napkin on the plate and walked out the house slamming the door.I sat there in silence not wanting to say anything.

I pulled out my phone and dialed my friends number.

"Hey rick does your boy mind having a new partner on working on my barn for me" i said clearing my throat.

~Next morning~
Avery's pov

I can't believe my uncle is acting like he is my dad he think he can replace the things people said about him,I sighed deeply and walked down the stairs to see harry in dirty clothes drinking water.

"Ahh are you ready to start working" my uncle said looking at me as he put bacon on his plate.

"What im not working its the summer?" I said crossing my arms while staring at him.

"Well you are going to be working with this guy named Leyroy to re build my bar-" my uncle stopped talking once he saw that i was texting and wasn't paying attention,before i knew it my uncles hand grabbed my phone from my hands and put it in his pocket.I rolled my eyes and observed leyroy who eas wearing no top showing off his perfectly toned body,dirty grey sweatpants the hung below his v line and black sneakers. I huffed and went with Leyroy to outside to the barn.

"You will be painting the outside of the barn red" Leyroy said making me mentally groan and followed him into the un furnished house that just had the foundation and windows in.

I sighed plugging in my headphone in my ipod that was hiddilen in pocket to listen to music.

"Maybe if you start working maybe you will go home eariler" Leyroy muttered as he dipped his brush in the paint.i noticed that a few guys were biting their lipsl, staring at me while they walked by me without shirts on. Typical fuck boys.

"Get to work" a raspy voice spat making me turn around to see a guy full of tattoos,shirtless,brown eyes and black quiff hair. Once the guy realized i was checking him out he smirked and walked to me making me act like i didn't check him out for the past 9 minutes.

"Oh please oh please don't notice me"i muttered under my breath as i dipped the brush in the paint. I could see Leyroy smirking in the corner of my eye.

"Avery?" The voice said i looked behind me to see the boy that i checked out,then i realized who it was.

"Hot damn" he said biting his lips and checking me out as he rubbed his hands together,i laughed and hugged him.

"Zayn you look.. Hot" i said surprised looking at his tattoos and toned abs.he d as we started to talk more i remembered the memories we had especially when we put cow shit in our neighbours shoe and hat.

"Come on Zayn he is coming" i shouted as he put the poop in our neighbours shoes and hat. He ran towards me and hid behind the bush waiting for our neighbour to come out.

When our neighbour came out he stretched while looking around and slipped his shoes on we watched as the poop started to flow out of his shoes which made us cover our mouths to try and not make a sound. As soon as he put his hat on his head poop started to run down his face and neck make us laugh and hold our stomach.

"You goddamn kids!" He shouted looking around and then spotted up making us scream and run.

~flashback ends~

Once we were done for the day Leyroy offered to dropped me off at the house,but i declined and decoded to look at my uncle's horses.

As i sat down on the tree atump while looking at the field i felt my earphones rip out of my ears making me to turn around to see a brown and white spotted horse chewing my earphones I stood up on my tippy toes and grabbed my earphones slightly tugging on them to get them out of its mouth

."omg my jefree star eatphonesvyour owner better have 300$!" I said once i said that the horse let go right when i tugged causing me to scream and fall over onto the grass with my earphones.

"You little shit!" i screamed as i got up brushing the grass off my clothes and hair.

As i observed the horse more i recognized it.

"Violet?" i said putting my hand up to its snout and rubbing up and down gently.

I saw a saddle beside it and i picked it up and put it on the horse.

"damn that thing is heavy" i said out of breath while adjusting and tightening the billets that kept the saddle from coming off. I put my left foot in the stirrup and swung my legs over.

"ok i think i got this" i said forgetting to tighten the stirrups.

As i threw my headphones and ipod on the green grass i held violets mane in my hands and slightly kicked her side gently to make her go forward. I laughed as she began to jog but then turned in to her running fast.

"woah slow down violet!" i screamed as she started to run under the trees,as i ducked under branches and leaned on my right side,making me almost fall over but my hand grabbed the saddles horn just in time.i tried to swing my left leg on the other side but she was running to fast and my right foot somehow managed to get tangled in the saddle.

"Violet slow down!" I yelled as i saw a huge puddle of mud,i tried to pull her mane back to make her stop but she didn't."violet!" I screamed as she ran into the puddle making the mud splash on to my clothes,hair and face, i then heard a horse.

"Come on!" A voice yelled i lifted my head and saw a guy on a horse swing rope above his head that was formed into a circle,he threw onto my horses head and pulled back making my horse slow down and stop.i groaned and heard a snapping sound i looked down the saddle to see billet broken and a big puddle of mud under me before i knew it my whole body was in the puddle except for my leg that is tangled in the stirrups.

I then heard a thud and saw a pair of boots walk to my side of the horse,i looked up to see the guy from eariler with a brown hat,he chuckled and untangled my foot.

"Don't you know how to ride a horse? you should know she gets spooked by strangers" he said in a British accent,i rolled my eyes and got up slowly trying to rub the mud off my expensive clothes that weren't even that expensive but im a cheap person so I think everything is expensive.

"No its been a while and i know thats my horse"i said in my country accent that i always had but kinda faded when i moved to the city. He looked at me and his smile faded slowly.

"Avery Conta?" he spoke as he petted violet,i nodded and he chuckled.

"My brother said things about you"

"Good or bad"

"Both" he honestly said making me smile while shaking my head.

"What brought you here?" I said looking up to be met with his green emerald eyes.

"Well i was riding my horse and heard a cried of desperate help and i couldn't day no to saving a girl"he said smirking extending his hand out for me to shake,i looked down at his dirty oily hands and slowly shook it lightly.

"Let me guess your a city folk?" he said feeding my horse an apple and looked up at me.

"How would you know? And no im from a run down part of the city"i said sassily while smiling,he laughed softly and took his hat off as he ran his hand through his long brown hair and put his hat back on.

"By the way you dress" he said pointing to my clothes i had on which was only sneakers with a black tank top and black jeans but is now ruined.i scoffed and started to walk sassily back to my stuff.

Later that night

I took my phone out and called my friend putting them on speaker.

"Hey bitches"

"Hey! How's paris?!" They shouted

"My mom lied she sent me to fucking Texas!" I said annoyed while filling my nails.

"Ew isn't that where the pigs and flies live" my friend said disgusted.

"At Least there are some hot boys there" my other friend said making me laugh and agree as i pictured her wiggling her eyebrows. Before i could speak i heard the door open knowing it was my uncle.

"Girls i have to go my uncle is here" i said annoyed,we all said goodbye and hung up,i went to the hallway to see harry.

"What are you doing" i said confused as i watched him take his shoes and hat off.

"Your dad wants me to watch over you" he sighed deeply and plopped onto the couch,turning the tv on.i rolled my eyes and went upstairs and soon fell asleep,i felt my bed shift but i was to lazy to look.


"Im home!" My uncle said opening the door and putting groceries on the counter ,i sighed and sat down as he put the groceries away and cracked 4 eggs and put them on the pan.i looked outside to see harry outside feeding the chickens.i went outside and watchehim,When he saw me he smiled and kissed my lips gently.

~Dream ends~

I groaned and saw that my covers were over me,i sighed and looked at my phone seeing that it was on 9 in the morning,time for hell.

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