Loving You (Book 1)

This is book one of a seven story series, about a Gryffindor girl called Mya, this is at the time of the marauders (sorry if I spelt that wrong) . She falls in love, and doesn't do anything about it.


6. The match of the season

It was finally time for Gryffindor vs Slytherin in Quidditch, the team's walked into the stadium and everyone cheered.

It started, the player on the Gryffindor team in playing seeker and keeper where on their last year, which means that those spots will be free next year, perfect. A beater looked really scared, which means that spot will probably be free too.

Three spots, James will probably be seeker, me beater or keeper, and same for Sirius, that is if they want to be on the team, but they probably will.

The match was on in 3...2...1 and there off.

The Gryffindor team started off with the ball, chasing around, the bludgers flying around him, then he shoots, saved by slytherin.

The match went on, the the snitch was released, Gryffindor was leading 50 to 30, the seekers were chasing the snitch around when the Gryffindor seeker caught it and the match was over, Gryffindor won.

Everyone in Gryffindor screamed, yelling Gryffindor, Gryffindor, Gryffindor.


James, Sirius and I, walked out the stadium full of joy, 

"Wouldn't it be so cool to be on the team?" Sirius asked.

"Yep, by my guess there will be three spaces on the team, possibly two, seeker, beater and keeper" I replied.

"Awesome, seeker for James, beater for me keeper for you"


We kept on walking, Remus came up to me and pulled me away,

"Mya, it's been weeks, months since you and Sirius have known feeling for each other, but no spark" he said.

"I know,  I know, it's been rough, I know, but we'll get there, soon" I replied.

"Its Valentine's day soon, a few weeks, there will be a party, that will be perfect"

"Thanks Remus," I said.

We caught up with James and Sirius, and we walked up to the castle together, imagining what playing in Quidditch would be like.

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