Loving You (Book 1)

This is book one of a seven story series, about a Gryffindor girl called Mya, this is at the time of the marauders (sorry if I spelt that wrong) . She falls in love, and doesn't do anything about it.


4. Scared

All through Lunch I was worrying, I sat by James, Remus and Sirius, but was so afraid that Snape would come up. Remus noticed and asked me about it.

"Later, in the common room"  I replied.

Today's lesson flew away, it was like they never even happened. Maybe fate just really wanted me to tell Remus why I was worried, maybe it knew he could help me.

As soon as we got into the common room, Remus came up to me, I pulled him over to the corner.
"Someone is blackmailing me, what should I do?" I said worryingly.
"Tell a teacher, who is it?" He replied worried.
"Snape, he knows I like, L-love someone, but I'd I don't annoy James, he'll tell him, his friends and his relatives"
"That's harsh, tell McGonagall, or better Dumbledore"
"But Snape will still know, he can still tell"
"Don't be scared"
"I, try"
"So, are you going to tell me who the boy is"
"Maybe, actually no, I trust you but not enough, sorry"
"Its fine, if I tell you a secret, will you tell me?"
"Depends how good the secret is"
"I'm a werewolf"
"Ok, wow, that's pretty cool, I'll tell you then"
"Who is it?"
"Wow, ok didn't expect that"
I walked away, my heart pounding, I trusted Remus, a lot, plus he tells my secret I'll tell his, simple. I went up to bed, stretching, changed out of my uniform and collapsed into bed.
Remus's P.O.V
"Wow," I thought "She, the girl from my dreams, likes a good friend of mine more than me, the girl I liked since I saw her face, gone, because I listened to her, I can tell Sirius, but she'll tell my secret"
"Hey Remus" Sirius said to me.
"Hi" I replied.
I couldn't look at him without feeling jealous, without feeling pain in my heart.

"What would you do if I told you a girl likes you?" I said.
"I would hope its Mya, truthfully" he replied.
"Haha, why?"
"She's great, she lost her mum, yet she still holds on as a happy girl, but who is the girl?"
"Its, well, I told her I wouldn't tell you"
"Fine, but I WILL find out"                                                                                             "Ok"                                                                                                                                   "Ok, and uh, don't tell Mya or anyone else, about how I feel for Mya"

I sighed, Sirius liked Mya and Mya liked him, I know this was love, but it was also mine being taken away from me. Neither of them wanted each other to know, but I was telling Mya about Sirius, I at least wanted one of us to be happy.

I walked up to the dorms, and almost Instantly fell asleep

The rest of the book will be in Mya's point of view.

Also competition, first three people to comment a good character, will get a place in my book, you need to state the: name, year, appearance, personality and house. (Two will be in Gryffindor, one in Slytherin, choose out of those)



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