Loving You (Book 1)

This is book one of a seven story series, about a Gryffindor girl called Mya, this is at the time of the marauders (sorry if I spelt that wrong) . She falls in love, and doesn't do anything about it.


3. Lesson Time

After we finished our breakfast, we followed some of the older kids to Slughorns lesson, potions. 

James, Sirius and I sat at the back, while Lily sat at the very front, prepared to do her best. We were taught how to create a simple potion, a firework potion, it was supposed to a thick, turquoise colour. Sirius's was a thick, goopy black colour, haha? While James was a thin, blood like consistency, mine however was a very similar texture and colour, but still wasn't just right. At the front Lily was given 10 points for hers being spot on.

Our class was with Slytherin, so Severus was congratulating Lily, and of course his was absolutely perfect. 

The class bell rung and we headed off to our next class, as we were walking Severus whispered something to James, obviously annoying him as he pulled out his wand.

Lily stared at him.

"James Potter, put that wand down," She yelled.

"Dont Lil, Severus deserves it" James replied.

"Dont you dare call me Lil, you big GIT, put it down,"

I stared at Lily, she shivered, she looked, in a way, sad, she obviously only meant to hurt James but hurting him would affect both me and Sirius too.

James did as he was told, but was obviously scowling, as Lily walked up to Severus, Sev turned around, pulling his tongue out, and grinning so much I thought his face would fall off, I hoped it would, raise your hand if you agree, beside Lily, the awkward kid puts up their hand. Uhh, I hated him anyway.

Anyways, I walked away gripping my hand on James's shoulder.

We had a different class to Lily, so we were lucky, kind of, lucky until we found out our next class was divination, my Dad hated this class

So did I, I read through the book, it was full of loopy things like 'trust yourself" and 'Look beyond the future'. Completely and utterly stupid. It was with the Hufflepuffs, so it was an easy going and fair, not a wand or spell to spare.

Our teacher was so loopy it was unbelievable, her eyes were googly, and her glasses lenses were so big and circular that she still couldn't see anything. She got excited when we put our hands up to ask a question, so much, I thought she was going to die because of it.

By the time our class was over, my head hurt like crazy, as we walked out a Gryffindor boy  came up to me and said,

"She was loopy, right?"

I wasn't in the mood to chat but said, "Right, I'm Mya-Lily Tylers nice to meet you"

"Remus Lupin" he said.

"Look Remus, can you leave me alone for awhile, you can sit next to me at lunch, that class drives me insane"

"Oh, alright"

"Oh, before you go, James and Sirius, they're good friends if you can find them"

"Alright Thanks Tylers"

And then he left, not offended at all, he was nice, probably the nicest boy I've met. Not the cutest though, but never judge a wizard by his looks, that's just bad, really bad. Lupin, it reminded me of a werwolf book I once read, strange.

I slowly made my way to the great hall for lunch, but before I did, Severus crept up towards me. He tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and he dragged me to a corner.

"What do you want Snape?" I said growling.

"I know your secret" he said grinning.

"Secret, which one?"

"You, have a crush on Sirius"

"Nope, you are lying"

"Oh please, ML, I have seen the way you look at him"

"And what does my love life mean to you?"

"It means I can get you to annoy James"


"If you don't listen to me, I tell him, and Lily, and his cousin Bellatrix"

"So your blackmailing me now, thanks"


"Tell him, as if I care"

Then I walked away, like a total badass, though truthfully, I was scared about him knowing, I mean, both of us were only 11, not old enough to date, at least, I dont think so.





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