Snakes of Slytherin

Accused of being a being a great grandson of the heir of slytherin.


1. The snake

In the small village of Little Hangleton, there’s a manor home that the locals call the Riddle House, even though no one by the name of Riddle lives there anymore. Fifty years previous, the entire Riddle family—mother, father, and adult son—died, the cause presumed to be murder. The fingers pointed to their gardener, Frank Bryce, a World War II veteran. He was taken in and questioned by the police, insisting all the while that he was innocent, and that a young boy had been hanging around the manor. Later, the charges were dropped, as the autopsies on the family indicated that they all seemed to have somehow died of fright.

No family has taken up residence in the house for decades, and Frank Bryce has remained the gardener with a cottage on the property. Kids occasionally trespass to aggravate Frank into chasing them off. One night Frank wakes in pain and goes to fill his hot water bottle. He sees a light up at the Riddle House, and goes to investigate. Once there he overhears a conversation between Voldemort and Peter Pettigrew. The later has been nursing the Dark Lord, milking his pet snake Nagini to keep him alive. Voldemort talks of the murder of a woman named Bertha Jorkins and a plan that involves Harry Potter. He also talks of a more loyal servant than Wormtail, who will help them enact their plan.

Nagini arrives and makes Voldemort aware of Frank’s presence. The Dark Lord calls the old man into the room and murders him—and 200 miles away, Harry Potter wakes up with a pain in his scar.

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